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Normal for Due Date to Change?

I had my first ultrasound yesterday and was supposed to be exactly 7 wks along, however, the doctor told me that the baby was only measuring at 6 wks. I know the date that I last had a menstrual cycle and calculating from that, I should be 7 weeks. Should I be concerned that the baby didn't measure as far along or could there be another possibility? Anyone else have this happen? 

Re: Normal for Due Date to Change?

  • With my first, my due date changed by a week.  Dominic measured differently at different weeks, so it kind of felt like a roller coaster ride.  Honestly, as long as LO is healthy, that's all that matters! Oh, and I was a week late anyway! 
  • Very normal....with my dd my due date was Nov 20th then it changed to Dec 2. But she was born on Nov 17th lol
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  • That happened to me. I went in at 8 weeks, had an US and the baby had a heartbeat but was measuring small. My doctor scheduled another US for 2 weeks later (yesterday) when I went the baby had done major growing and had just about caught up so I got to keep my due dateSmile Also, if you are only going by your last menstrual cycle you might have ovulated later which would cause your baby to be not as far along as you thought.








  • It is possible that you ovulated late and that is why you are measuring small.  If you go by my LMP I would be 6 weeks along but I know I ovulated on day 20 of my cycle.  That puts me at 5 weeks.
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  • I went for my first u/s today and the baby also was measuring small.  i am going to go back in 2 weeks for another one, and if the baby is still measuring small my due date will be 5 days later.
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  • This happened with DS. We had a dating u/s at what we thought was just over 10w, but they put me at 8w4d, but then DS was born at 37w4d at 7lbs 13.6oz and 20.5in, so...

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  • With DS, my EDD was 6/17 and then changed to 6/24 and he wasn't born until 6/28. I honestly wouldn't worry about it! Measurements can always be off :)
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  • My due date was 4 days off. I just ovulated later than normal and it was no big deal. Not everyone has a perfect 14 day ovulaton.
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  • Ultrasounds in early pregnancy are very accurate.  Going by your LMP is usually pretty useless unless you have a textbook 28 day cycle (which most women do not). 

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    Yes, it's normal. When I went to my 1st prenatal appt, I thought I was about 9 weeks along and thought my due date would be 11/28. The doctor did an ultrasound and said I was about 7 weeks with a due date of 12/13. She said this sometimes occurs if you're periods are irregular or if you ovulated later than usual. To add even more to this, I went to an NT scan and they said I was measuring big and determined that they would move my due date now to 12/4.
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  • My calculated due date was 3/4 and then they changed it to 3/16 but I did not deliver until 3/25... I felt like I was pregnant forever... so was i 3 weeks late? My DD was 9lbs 3ozs, I feel like If they didn't change my date and induced me at 41 weeks she wouldn't have been as big but its OK she's healthy and I was able to push her out! lol
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