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4 month old won't eat!

Up until now my 4 month old has always been a great eater.  Loves his bottle and was eating between 30-35 ounces (he is a chunkster at 15 lbs).  For the past week he has been eating on average 20-25 ounces per day.  He will eat about 3 ounces and then when he stops to burp and he gets super fussy after if i try to give him the bottle.  He will turn his head away and sometimes even cry.  I should mention I bottle feed him BM and he gets formula at night.  He responds the same to both, but tends to eat a little more in the morning and eats less and less as the day goes on.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I am so frustrated and worried that he is not eating enough for his size.
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Re: 4 month old won't eat!

  • I've been having this problem also.  We just had our 4 month appt today and the pedi said that they go through phases, and as long as she's not losing weight and still thriving, he doesn't get too worried.  And that right now is the time where they are very interested in their surroundings and get more focused on looking around.  I don't know if it's the same situation with your LO, but I HTH.
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  • IMO if you feel like something is wrong, call your pedi.  But 20-25 oz. per day is enough for some 15 lb. babies (especially if most of it is BM).  
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  • J changed his nursing habits recently. He was nursing every 2 hours, with an occasional 3 hour stretch (long nap) or 4 hours stretch (first night sleep cycle.) Then he was "nursing poorly" every second feeding and going 4-5 hours without nursing "well".

    I realized that I was trying to feed him too often... and let him reset his schedule. I think he just reached that point where his weight gain will start to level out. He was 16lb 4oz nearly two weeks ago... so also a big boy. He now nurses maybe 4-6 times a day? And 1-2 overnight...

    1oz/hour is average BM intake... so 24 oz in 24 hours is fine. I think J was in one constant growth spurt, and this is the first time he hasn't been in one since birth. Maybe your little one is the same? 

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