Babies: 0 - 3 Months


do I never learn to be suprised by my sister? I keep hoping that one day she'll wake up and be a mom, but nope.

Latest gripes:

her 5 year old daughter was late to school today because she (the child) overslept.

her 2 year old ruined my LSAT study guide (which was borrowed from the library).

she dropped the two year old off yesterday for me to watch so she could take said daughter to pre-op appts.....then didn't call, come back, or answer her phone for six hours. Left no diapers or underwear for kid.

she's throwing her daughter a birthday party the weekend AFTER she has surgery (corrective bone surgery, plus they have to insert an artificial joint, in her right hand). 55 adults will be there, who knows how many kids, plus a BOUNCE HOUSE. Oh, and she's planning on sending her back to school two days after surgery.

Do they make mommy-skill pills??

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