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SAHMs: What do you wear?

I need a "mommy stylist."  I'm finally in a body I think I'll stay in for a while, and I'm going shopping this weekend.  I want to find some clothes that will be comfy and not too overdressed for around the house, but also that will look decent for running errands, for DH, etc.  I'm used to buying mainly "work clothes" and I'm at a loss.  What clothes do you have that you love?  What should I be looking for?
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Re: SAHMs: What do you wear?

  • Khakis or jeans and cute shirts. Nothing fancy.
  • Things that wash and wear well.  Say no to things that need to be ironed or dry cleaned! 

    A pair of jeans that FIT you well are key to being casual or being able to "dress" up a bit"

  • I pretty much live in jeans, cardigans, and fun flats.  I would invest in some well-made clothing as my clothing is constantly being washed from being covered in spit-up, BM, etc.
  • I wear spit-up, lots and lots of spit-up.

    I wear yoga pants a lot, jeans and baby doll shirts that are cut v-neck so I can nurse easily.

  • I SAH part-time, so when I'm home I usually wear t-shirts over long-sleeved shirts. Or just t-shirts depending on the temp outside.  I'm bound to get spit up on so I don't bother wearing anything nice unless I'm meeting up w/ friends or going out w/ DH (which RARELY happens).  I also live in jeans, but I don't even bother putting them on unless I leave the house.  Around the house I wear scrub pants.
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  • What I wear depends on what we are doing that day. ?If I know that we aren't going to see anyone (I'm new in town so I don't run into people I know) I'll just wear sweat pants and a t-shirt. ?Not oversized, just something comfortable. ?Sometimes I even dress it up - I have "nice" sweats and some that NEVER Leave the house. ?If we are going out or I know I'll see people or have company, I wear jeans and a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt. ?

    I had a closet full of work clothes that didn't fit - I finally put them down in the basement and went shopping... ?I went to a Gap outlet and got jeans, long sleeved striped t-shirts, ribbed sweaters, sweats (nicer ones), solid shirts... ?Nothing fancy just comfortable but still presentable. ??


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  • jeans and cheap t-shirts. I swear I have to change my clothes from spit up more than DS...but then, he gets a bib....
  • jeans, khakis, and while I try to buy cute shirts, I still find myself in basic v-neck shirts a lot. ?And to reiterate a prev post - was & wear is key!?
  • I LOVE cute loungewear from places like Gap Body.  Comfy, but makes me feel put together. 
  • Yoga pants/running pants and tshirts. i dont bother with jeans- but i never really wore them before i was pg either. when i am out seeing people i wear khakis and a sweater or whatnot. invest in a good pair of sneakers for the walks in the stroller.
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  • invest in cardigans! i have a bunch of short sleeves and tanks that are cute...nice fabric, can be dressed up or down. and i throw a nice button up sweater on over top. when we are out the sweaters will cover up the baby drool stains and pull an outfit together. see my icon pic


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