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Well we're on night 3 of CIO...and its working!!! I had posted yesterday about my LO throwing up the first 2 nights. We just decided to clean it up and continue on. As with all methods of sleep training or anything, I wanted to give it a fair shot before I threw in the towel. We have tried a few different things to make her not so reliant on rocking/holding/etc for sleep. We tried "the sleep lady shuffle" and "gradual CIO" but I realized that every time I would try to leave again, she got more hysterical, so we decided to give "cold turkey" a try. Trust me, it broke my heart to hear her cry and all I wanted to do was run in and hold her and kiss her, but I know that in the long run she has to learn to go to sleep on her own. I have been making sure to give extra hugs and cuddles during the day so I know she feels totally loved :) 

Here's how it's going:

Night 1= Did her routine (bath, milky, books, a song) and then put her into her crib (7:30pm). She cried for 30mins and then threw up. Went in, changed clothes/sheets, hugged and calmed her and then put her back in. She cried for another 30 mins and then was asleep...straight through to 8am! 

Night 2= Same routine and into crib at 7:45pm. She cried for 15mins, threw up again!! (Side note: DD has always been gaggy, since infancy, so we've dealt with lots of vomit, so her puking was no surprise to me) Cleaned everything up, she cried for 15mins and then was asleep....until 9am!!

Night 3= Same routine and into crib at 7:30pm...cried for 10mins and then asleep!! Anxious to see if she sleeps straight through again!! So as hard as it has been to hear my sweet girl cry, this method has been working so far, excited to see how the next few weeks are, hopefully no/very minimal crying!! Wish us luck!!!

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Re: CIO/vomiting...update...

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