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so it begins (pg mentioned/ vent)

I just got the text that one of my co-workers is in labor. We both suffered our first loss together last year and I am so happy for her but this starts the process of everyone around me having their babies.

My cousin is having her baby the 23rd, my sil is in hospital on bed rest and could deliver her twins any day!

After this wave of babies the next will be 4 friends that are due right around my EDD in Oct/Nov!!!

I pray I can somehow keep  a positive attitude surrounded by all these babies and pregnant people and hopefully I will be KTFU for the next wave of births!

Thanks for listening!



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Re: so it begins (pg mentioned/ vent)

  • vent away girl. I hope you're on that next wave too.
  • I'm sorry that this time is difficult for you.  I've got a few "waves" happening this year too and just know as my EDD comes near I will be a complete mess, especially if I am not KTFU.  FX for us!!!
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  • I'm so sorry for what you're going through, and I completely understand.  When I was pg I had 11 friends that are/were pg as well.  Only 4 have had their babies so far...and my bff will start the next round of them in a couple weeks w/ her third baby. 

    Sometimes it all just seems so overwhelming.  Sad  ((((Hugs)))))

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  • big *hugs* honey! :)
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  • Hugs to you!!  And know that whenever you need to vent again we will all be here! Smile
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  • ((hugs)) Keep your head up! You can do it!

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  • image yogiwannabmom:
    vent away girl. I hope you're on that next wave too.


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  • I'm sorry, I often feel like everything happens at once. I hope you get to ride that wave soon!
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  • Absolutely understand.  That was how my May was and I am happy it is over.  All babies were born and I visited all of them. 

    I pray you get your BFP soon!


  • hello and I am hoping you get your BFP quickly. GL w/ the baby wave.

    My heart is as open as the sky.
    Read about it on the blog

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  • Thank you ladies :) you are all so supportive!
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  • We all deserve to be KTFU as soon as humanly possible!!! :)

    You know, I've blocked out my EDD.. I don't remember when I was due and I've decided not to do the math right now as I am happier being oblivious :)  I'm not counting it down anymore, going to just try to focus on the future and.... getting KTFU!!! :)

  • I am so sorry. I hope you are part of the next wave. FX.
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  • We're here for you to vent when you need to. Good luck with everything and hopefully you'll be KTFU soon, too.

    Well-behaved women rarely make history.

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  • I'm sorry.  That must be very difficult.  I hope you're KU very soon!

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