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Morning sickness in 3rd Tri?

Have any of you had morning sickness start in 3rd Tri?  I didn't have much at all initially, but theres been a few mornings this last week that have been horrible.  I at first thought it was due to my prenatal vitamins, but now i'm not so sure.  I've been on the same prenatals for the last 9 weeks or so and they didn't make me sick before this. Ick!  Have any of you had morning sickness first start in 3rd tri?
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Re: Morning sickness in 3rd Tri?

  • I haven't had any the entire pregnancy which is a 1st for me, but the past week I've felt nausea and vomitted this morning.  I only have 2 weeks to go and here this is a early labor sign.  Hopefully so.
  • I had pretty constant morning sickness in the 1st tri and it has been making a sporadic appearance in the last few weeks (I get it like 2-3 times a week).  Totally sucks.
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  • With my DS I was sick throughout the entire pregnancy...

    It is completely different this time...I have only had one dose of morning sickness, and just had headaches with I will take especially chasing after a toddler ;O)

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  • During my first Trimester I was sick all day long, it was truly terrible I couldn't hardly get out of bed and was unable to hold down something as simple as crackers and water.....  It went away shortly after I entered my second trimester but now I'm 29 weeks and it's starting to creep back on me I'm afraid.  Although this time it is only in the mornings, not near as bad as the first time.  Smells are also starting to bother me more again.  But this too shall pass, hang in there Cool
  • yes!! Not a ton but about once a week I barf (with no warning) and then I'm fine again for the rest of the day. No real nausea except the one intense wave that brings up breakfast and then done.
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  • Just this week I started having nausea every morning!  It's frustrating...but usually is gone by noon. 
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  • I had it in the first tri, nausea and puking at least once a day until week 21.  Now around week 28 it came back.  Not nearly as bad.  Nausea and only a few pukes here and there.  I have gone back to my regimented eating times and it seems to help.  It's hard when you get busy and the time flies but if I go a little past when I should've eaten LO lets me know!  Before I was just like when will this ever end?!?!  2nd Tri/13 weeks?  No... 15 weeks?  No...  etc.  I am just holding my head up more with the at least I know this has to end in about 10 more weeks. 
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  • When I'm working, I get up at 6, eat a bagel, fruit, and drink a small coffee and I'm good to go with no sickness. I've noticed that whenever I'm off though, I tend to sleep in longer and then I wake up hungry and eat breakfast later in the day. This usually makes me sick. So maybe your not sticking to a routine?

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