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CIO...and vomiting

We are trying a CIO method to get LO to fall asleep on her own. Shes 15 months old...I really didnt ever want to have to do this kind of sleep training, but I created a bit of a monster when it comes to sleep. She relies on me or somebody to rock her, hold her, feed her, etc in order for her to fall asleep. Lately shes been fighting that and waking a lot during the night. So its time for a change. Any advice for sleep training an older baby? Also, she keeps making herself throw up!!! Do I need more time between dinner and bedtime? Look for some help, not flames :)
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Re: CIO...and vomiting

  • From what I've read, it's possible for CIO to cause vomiting, but to just clean up the mess, change clothes/sheets, and continue with the CIO.
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  • I would think that if the vomiting is happening more than once or twice to maybe try a gentler method of CIO.  What other methods have you tried? 
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  • Liam did that the first night of CIO. Within a week , he was staying in his crib overnight. We did start giving him a small snack before bed and that did seem to help hi Sleep longer. Good luck.
  • Have you read the Ferber or Weissbluth books?  Even if you don't agree with their methods, they give you a lot of info about how kids sleep.  

    My advice is to read up on a few methods and decide what works for you.  There is no one correct way to do it. 

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  • We did a sort of modified Ferber method with DS. It worked really well! Basically the first night I put him in bed awake & let him cry for 2 mins before I went in there. Each time I went into him room, I would lay him back down, give him his paci & rub his back til he stopped crying (but left before he fell asleep.) Each night I extended the time I let him cry by 1 minute. At the end of the first week I only had to go back in there once & soon after that he would go right down. He is a fantastic sleeper now & I wish we had done it sooner!! I won't lie to you, it is very ROUGH for the first few nights, especially. I think the first night it took me like 2 hrs to get him to go to sleep, so be prepared for that. My LO would also make himself throw up if he got too upset so this actually worked out well because you go back in so quickly the first few nights that they usually don't have enough time to get themselves THAT worked up! He also quickly learned that I would come back in & so he wasn't as afraid as if I had just gone cold turkey & let him CIO. He also knew that I wasn't going to scoop him up & rock him to sleep but that I would comfort in other ways & still be there for him. Good luck & I hope it helps!


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  • image juliane2004:
    From what I've read, it's possible for CIO to cause vomiting, but to just clean up the mess, change clothes/sheets, and continue with the CIO.

    This. DS 1 went through phases, where he would cry so hard like that and puke a lot. Change the sheets, try again after you calm the baby down. I would let him cry for like 10-15 min. If he got all worked up where he would get really upset again, I would go into the room and console him for like 5 minutes. He'd be so tired from crying hard, he'd fall right asleep in my arms. He went through phases like this and some nights he was fine.

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  • How long have you been "creating this monster"... and then you want to be able to put her in her bed and CIO/fall asleep on her own. That has to be so scary for her. I'd do as some of the PP said and research methods. CIO is not just putting the baby in their bed and letting them cry until they fall asleep. There's a system to it.

    Getting your DD to sleep in her own bed through the night will take love, patience, guidance, routine, and being firm. It won't happen over night, in a week, or two. Be willing to put the time in if you want your DD to be successful...

    You wouldn't just expect to put your DD on a tricycle for the first time and know what to do w/o getting scared, upset, or frustrated. You have to teach her.

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  • image juliane2004:
    From what I've read, it's possible for CIO to cause vomiting, but to just clean up the mess, change clothes/sheets, and continue with the CIO.

    This.  If you don't react with any emotion to the vomiting she'll likely stop doing it.


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  • We are going through this with our 22 month old and not sure what to do either.  It seems he just gets more upset if I go in, and that is when the vomit happens for us.  Tonight we'll either go in sooner or not at all I think.  This has happened to us 4 times now, and we called off the CIO, but night time is out of control here.  I have to go sleep with him in a bed we keep in his room as early as 10pm!  This can't go on but the barfing is a game changer to some degree. 

    Oy!  I'd be curious to see an update from you to see what you did and how it went!

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