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Anyone stop bfing after a few weeks?

How did you decide on a formula? How did baby react to it?
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Re: Anyone stop bfing after a few weeks?

  • I stopped after 3 weeks. You pretty much have to do your own research on which type of formula you're going to use.  We used Good Start (a lot of friends used it and it worked great for them).  DS is doing great on it and growing like a weed. We're both happier people because of formula.
  • I had to stop just after 4 days.  I spoke with my pedi and he reccommended either Similac or Enfamil, just make sure it has DHA and EPA.  I had a sample can of Similac at home, so that is what we went with.  Luckily she has had no problem with it. 
  • I started supplementing after a few weeks and we had a sample of Simliac Advance that we started with and ds has done great with it. I have a lot of friend who also like that formula.

    good luck!


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  • I stopped after a few weeks, and since I had a couple sample cans of Similac Advanced, I started with that... DD took to it fine, so I stuck with it!
  • I had to supplement from the beginning with one of my twins because she lost too much weight after birth. After 3 weeks of trying everything in the world to get my supply up to keep up with the demands of the girls, I had to give up and put them on formula. They have been on it and thriving every since. We used Similac Advanced from the start since that is what they gave me in the hospital to use to supplement.



  • I had to start supplementing right away at the hospital.  They knew my pedi liked Similac so that is what they gave us.  Then pedi gave us a few cans.  Unfortunately I never got we switched to all formula at 6-7 weeks.


  • I had to supplement from the get-go, then go all formula. I chose Enfamil Lipil because I was told it is the closest formula to breastmilk. DS had to have rice added, but that was for spitting everything up, which was one problem with bfing.
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