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hi , I am rohan's mom he is almost 7 years now.We are waiting for his first appt. to get him diagnosised.I loved his little quirks and still do.We think he has aspergers.The teachers saw signs so did I.He already is in co taught classes and is programs in school(ot,pt,ape,speech).I am reading the complete guide by tony attwood for a start.If any body has any tips I am interested in any help you all may have,books ,recipes with less gluten.I am not waiting 6 months to get ahead of this.


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  • I like this book way better than Attwood's-


    Attwood wrote about a hypothetical adult with Aspergers as a success story instead of actually talking about adults he knows on spectrum who are doing fairly well. This irks me. He also visited my forum when he released his book to talk it up and when a mom asked a question of him, he never got back to her. I can can check when someone visits without posting. He saw what she wrote. I thought it was sort of inappropriate to visit the forum for the sole purpose of selling his book given that the mom who asked him was in a very bad place at the time. Him ignoring her made so publicly her feel even worse.

    If you do choose to take a dietary approach, which only works for about 10% of kids with ASDs, you'd want to completely eliminate gluten and casein. This means separate cooking utensils, toasters, etc. Unless your child has significant GI issues and lives entirely on a white carb/milk diet, this is not where I would start.


  • Thank you i will get that book soon. I am not in a rush to change his diet.He loves milk and bread. plus almound milk is like 3.50 a half gallon.
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