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1st appointment tomorrow. Woohoo!

I am very excited about our first appointment tomorrow.  I was supposed to have it two weeks ago, but had to reschedule because of Memorial day and then my vacation.

I haven't told my daughters yet, although DD#1 already "knows" and has now passed on her knowledge to DD#2.  I just haven't confirmed or denied so I'm very excited to share the news with them after my appointment.  Thinking of buying the little one an I'm a big sister shirt, not sure what to do for DD#1 since she's already a big sister.

DH has been telling his friends left and right, but after tomorrow's u/s I'll be ready (I think) to make it "facebook official." 

Anyone else still waiting on first appointment? 

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Re: 1st appointment tomorrow. Woohoo!

  • I want to wait till the first u/s (rescheduled for the 22nd) or for me to start showing to make it FB official. Our family and close friends know, and I found out yesterday at our church picnic my mom is really excited because I had a few people come up and congratulate me. 

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  • I will also be having my first appointment tomorrow. I have been looking forward to it for two weeks now. I havent had anymore symptoms though since I first found out. I had sore boobs, bad heartburn, and frequent urination. I have yet to be extremely nauseas or sick. Well, except I woke up with an annoying cold this am. Good luck at your appointments tomorrow!
  • My first appointment is tomorrow too and I cannot wait!  We've told my parents and sister so far and we'll wait until after tomorrow's appt to tell H's family since they have big mouths and no desire to keep secrets about anything.   No FB announcements until second trimester for us and I'm pretty sure my 1 year has no idea what I'm saying to him when I tell him a baby will come join us soon. 
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