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To boppy or not to boppy?


Re: To boppy or not to boppy?

  • my mom suggested that I add it to my registry - she said having something like that can make breastfeeding a lot more comfortable.
  • I don't know what I would have done without one with my first, plus we used it alot as DD got older...so much so that it's now pretty flat after 4 and 1/2 years so I'll for sure be getting another one for this baby. 
  • While I prefer the Brest Friend for breastfeeding the Boppy can be used for other things.  You can prop the baby in it on their back or tummy (great for starting tummy time because they aren't flat), and it's good to put around them when they are learning to sit and it cushions them when they fall.  Is it totally necessary...no, but it does come in handy.

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  • I got a boppy and I would recommend it so that you'll be more comfortable while you're breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • I loved my Boppy with DS1 & am looking forward to using it again with DS2.  I had a c-section  & found it really helpful for positioning & not aggrevating the wound.  I also loved it for propping baby up in when he got a bit older!

    I would say it is one of those items I was definitely dubious about when I registered but once I started using it I realised how great it was!

  • I think it'll come in handy! I got one this weekend and I already just like holding it on my lap. It's comfy.
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  • I had a boppy but didn't actually like using it.  I ended up stashing mine in the nursery and then in storage. 
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  • abrazzabrazz
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    I loved mine and will use it again, but I think a good firm pillow would work as well.  I probably only used it for around 4 months though so if you don't want to spend the money then I think you will be fine using something else. 

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  • It was probably my most-used baby item. In fact, I completely wore it out, so I'm buying a new one for this baby. I nursed my son for two years and used the Boppy when we'd nurse on the couch, it just made things so much more comfy. He'd fall asleep on it, even as a toddler. So, IMO, yes...it's definitely necessary if BFing. Even if you're not, they're great for propping baby up during play (supervised of course).
  • Love mine.Already have it out and cleaned for this time around.
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  • I loved mine with DD1. I used it more than any other baby item. For breastfeeding, for propping up baby, for tummy time, I put it behind DD when she was learning to sit just in case she fell back and even now that DD is 20 months old I use it when I watch TV (I put it around the back of my neck when I'm lounging on the couch). I've bought a second one for when DD2 arrives so that I'll have 1 for each floor of the house. For me it was and is, a cannot live without item!
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  • I need a new cover for mine! Thanks for reminding me.

    The boppy was great for everything that many have already said. I had a c section and DH brought it to the hospital and that is where our relationship began.

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  • I LOVED my boppy the first time aorund.  It took me a little time to get used to nursing with it but once I did- it was amazing.  I actually had two.  Once for upstairs and one for downstairs b/c I got tired of running up and down all the time when I needed it.  I would highly recommend getting one.  I have never tried the breast friend but have had friends who like that one too.
  • I also had 2 boppies(sp?) one for upstairs and one for down.  I loved mine with my first and will do the same with this LO too. The boppy was much easier to nurse and i could really do it hands free with the boppy too.
  • I love my boppy. My MIL found one for five dollars at a garage sale, took the old stuffing out, washed it and restuffed it. So if you are handy with a needle and thread or know someone who is you can look on craigslist and see if you can find a used one so you aren't paying full price. 
  • I loved mine and actually picked up a second one at a garage sale so I didn't have to keep carrying it all around. It helped me after my c-section and everyone else who fed her using a bottle. I would def. get at least one, or borrow one!
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  • The Boppy is one of my essentials! I highly recommend it! :)
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  • I've heard so many good reviews for boppys that I had to buy one.  Even if it doesn't work out for BFing I hear it has a lot of other uses.

    I've spent waaaaay more money on dumber things...sadly.  lol

    I don't think I've met anyone that didnt love their boppy though!


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  • I loved mine with DS 1&2. It's a must have for me.


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  • I just told my DH yesterday that I don't know what I would do without my boppy.  I didn't think I wanted one but a coworkers daughter recently had a baby and it was her favorite thing.  So she got one for me and I love it!  If you don't want to spend a ton of money, see if you can get one at a second hand store and then just buy a new cover for it.
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  • If you are planning on breastfeeding I would definitely look into some kind of pillow either the boppy or my breastfriend.  I tried using a regular pillow and it was so awkward on our rocking chair.  
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  • image tink7227:
    While I prefer the Brest Friend for breastfeeding the Boppy can be used for other things.  You can prop the baby in it on their back or tummy (great for starting tummy time because they aren't flat), and it's good to put around them when they are learning to sit and it cushions them when they fall.  Is it totally necessary...no, but it does come in handy.

    This. The boppy killed my back for nursing so for sure next time I will get the Brest Friend pillow. But the boppy is great for the very things mentioned above. See if a friend has one she can loan you so you don't go spend money on it...

  • I can't argue on Brest Friend vs. Boppy, but the Boppy was pretty necessary for me. I'm very tall and the Boppy really helped with the whole "bring baby to breast, not breast to baby" rule. Even with the height, I would still find myself hunching down sometimes. I wouldn't do #2 without it! And that is just breastfeeding, let alone the great perks for tummy time and propping of newborns.
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  • I have heard many people say they found it useless, but I was just the opposite. I LOVED mine and used it all the time. I EBF for the first year (and will again with this baby) and I honestly had a hard time BF without the Boppy. I got one for my shower and even bought a second so I could have one on each floor of my house! I honestly think it was the one registry purchase I have used the most!

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  • I bought one over the weekend. It looks like it will work for me. We will find out in a couple of weeks though! 
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  • megd06megd06 member
    I LOVE my boppy...I just wish I had a 2nd one, since H seems to think they make a wonderful neck pillow.
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  • Definitely Boppy.

    I didn't think I liked mine at first, but I still use it every day (DD is one year). It was easier to use once DD reached about 10 or 11 lbs. I had ended up breastfeeding and supplementing with formula at every feeding. Here are the many uses we use for the Boppy:

    - Nursing (obviously)

    - Prop up my arms while holding DD during a nap. DH does this too.

     - Set it on the couch and then prop up DD in it to receive a bottle or sippy cup of milk. She lies with her bottom in the empty part of the U shape.

     - Put around DD on the floor when she first started sitting up. It protected her from tipping over on the hard floor hundreds of times.

     - Put it on the floor and lie DD on it on her chest for tummy time when she was learning to hold her head up.

    - Prop up DD in it with a blanket over it to play when she first started grasping toys. It elevated her just enough.

    I know some people prefer the "my brest friend" pillow, but I don't think it is as versatile.


  • I love the Boppy. Like others have said already, I use it to nurse, and for tummy time. Just wanted to add one more "yes!" vote :) 
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  • I got both the boppy and the my brest friend.  I used the boppy ALL the time and the brest friend maybe once or twice.  I definitely think it's worth buying the boppy.  Not only does it make nursing so much more comfortable, it's very useful to prop the baby in when he/she gets a bit bigger.  My two year old still likes to sit in it sometimes when I read her stories.  Highly recommend getting one!
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