3rd Trimester

Standing and bladder pressure

All day I've been unomforatable walking because when I stand, I feel pressure on my bladder and end up having uncomforatable (but not painful) BH.  If I keep standing, they come and go frequently.  I changed into looser pants and sat down for an hour and things have improved, but man I have no idea what is going on.  Even sitting my bladder feels sore today.  Not peeing more though. 

Anyone else?

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Re: Standing and bladder pressure

  • I know how you feel. I don't feel this way everyday nor do I feel it all day, but I have felt this way from time to time. Yesterday when I first got to the mall I felt fine... a little later I felt like I had too constantly pee (but didn't actually have to) and it felt heavy in my belly. I felt like I had to hold the bottom part of my belly up and it was so uncomfortable. I kept thinking she was gonna fall out of me (lol) because it kinda felt like that? Is that what you mean? It wasn't so bad when I sat down though.

    I figured this is normal and that it's just her position....  but it was definitely uncomfortable. I haven't had the feeling today. Hope you start feeling more comfortable.

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  • Sometimes when i get up to stand, I feel a lot of pressure on my bladder, but it isn't painful. I just make my way to the nearest ladies' room, pronto! For me, I think it just has something to do with how my baby is positioned at that time.
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  • This recently started happening to me.  I feel a lot of pressure down low.  It's not all day everyday because I also think it's the way LO is positioned at the time.  I agree with having to book it to the bathroom because the second I stand I have to instantly pee.
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  • Been feeling the exact same way! So annoying! I feel like I constantly have to go but not much comes out when I try. Bladder infection was ruled out on Thursday, and my doc just said it's her position as well as the fact that everything's so heavy and gravitating downward. 
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  • Two options that might help you--hold your belly up (with DD #1 I had so many strangers say "the baby's not going to fall out, you know. haha FU!) or buy support hose/prenatal cradle (I recommend). Since you're only 33wks it might be worth the purchase, and you can use in the future.
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  • I feel it through the day too, I'm a preschool teacher and I get up and down a lot, from sitting with them to walking around the room with them. Every time I get up I feel all the weight from baby on my bladder and pelvis, hurts like hell! Had a few BH last weeks too, dr just said to put up my feet whenever I can. Sorry you're going though it! This is my first and I wasn't sure what to expect but other than this and a few weeks of morning sickness in the beginning its been a pretty smooth pregnancy.

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