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Suddenly fighting months old

My 15 month old DD has generally been a pretty good sleeper. STTN most nights with the occasional wake up. She has always gone to bed very easily, up until the past 4 nights. I have kept her routine the same (bath, books, bottle, rocking, bed) and she suddenly is fighting me!! I do normally rock her to sleep and then put her in her crib, and I know that probably needs to stop, but she wont even let me do that anymore. She wriggles and fusses and tries to get down. She also has been waking a lot the past few nights, and normally, I will go in, pick her up and she falls right back asleep. Now she lays in my arms with her eyes open, looking at me and takes nearly an hour to get her back to sleep!!

I've considered CIO methods, and briefly tried, but my DD immediately started screaming and after about 5 mins, she threw up. So I don't know if that will work for us since she seems to puke everytime she gets riled up. I'm looking for suggestions on how to get her to sleep or answers to why she suddenly doesn't want to sleep. Any tips would be great. She does nap once a day for about 2hrs. bedtime is around 730ish and she normally wakes around!! 

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