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wii exercise games

Can anyone recommend any good exercise games for the wii. Thought I would give it a try. Thanks!

Re: wii exercise games

  • What kind of exercise do you do and enjoy- if anything- already? It would help me know to make recommendations. :)
  • i like the wii fit plus lots of options
  • The wii fit will cover just about any exercise interest with variety I think.

    I LOVED my sisters Just Dance game, and there have been multiple versions put out. You have a character on the screen and you have to follow the dance moves he/she does. It was alot of fun and the dances are all fast paced so it's good but short aerobics for a single song but you can do several in a row to get a longer work out...It's also super cute to get all the under 5 ages together and have them do the Monster Mash while you film it...even LO got in on the dancing...

  • The Biggest Loser Ultimate Challenge for Wii is great! Some of the exercises are a bit cumbersome with the Wii-mote in your hand/pocket but it definitely kicked my butt.
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  • I second Just Dance, I do it with a 2 or 5 lb weight in my opposite hand. My scores are terrible because you are supposed to always hold the Wiimote in your right hand and I alternate but who cares, I have a blast! 

    We have Wii fit but it is too slow paced, I get bored and give up! I do use it to weigh myself and track my BMI.  

    Have fun!  

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