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I have finally gotten a sticky bean after ttc for 10 months (at home ICI AI with known donor). I only just now stumbled across TheBump. I'm really excited to find an Oregon forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 I'm 6w3d and (nausea) sicker than BEEP. I've tried everything that we have but I just ordered a bunch of stuff off of Amazon like Preggy Pops and all that. Hopefully something helps. I kinda wish I'd just puke because I know I'd feel better. I'm supposed to be at the Dragon Boat races... but instead I'm in bed. :(

 Is there any groups that meet up in real life?? I'd love to meet other pregnant women just to have someone in real life to relate to!! 

Re: Cool an Oregon Board!!

  • Congratulations. Sorry you are feeling so sick, hopefully, the nausea will pass soon!

     What area do you live? There are a few groups that meet around Hillsboro. 

     Take care.


  • hang in there! I am 32 weeks now and the morning sickness mostly went away after 2 - 4 months. The hardest for me was the 2nd month. Thins that helped me were ginger tea, saltines, popsicles, mint tea, and not eating full meals. also snacking a lot during the day ..though I know everyone is different!
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