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frustrated with this site (help!)

Okay, the functionality of this site is frustrating me. I'm hoping I just haven't figured some things out and am seeking your help.

1. When I select "Watch this board" (or whatever it says), what does that do? I can't find a list anywhere of the boards I've selected, so how, exactly, am I "watching" it?

2. Same sort of things with "favorite"-ing. While looking at community photos, I added a gallery to favorites. Where the heck are my favorites kept? How can I get back those things I marked as favorites when I can't find them stored anywhere?

3. What are points for? When I post a message, I see that I have "x" amount of posts and "x" amount of points. I can't find an FAQ or a search box anywhere. 

Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated. I like the content of this site, but the sheer amount of it is overwhelming, and if I can't get back to things I've marked as favorites or "to watch," then what's the point at all?


Re: frustrated with this site (help!)

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