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can extreme swelling hurt baby?

I'm 34 weeks now and my whole body is swelling A LOT...especially my legs, feet, ankles and hands.  I had pre-e with my first one 10 years ago..and dr keeps telling me since I'm not having any other symptoms (high BP) that they can not diagnose me with toxemia yet.  EVERYONE who sees my feet are freaked out by them.  All I hear is keep my feet up, push fluid, and watch salt intake.  I do all of these everyday and does not do me any good! I'm extrememly swollen by 9am and work at my desk all day with my feet propped up drinking water.  I don't think I should have to ask to go on bed rest to keep the swelling down...but after resting on the weekends, my ankles look normal on Sundays. Can the extreme swelling hurt the baby at all? Do I ask to be put on bed rest or should my dr be the one to suggest it? I figured I'd ask here...since my dr seems to not care if I'm the slightest bit comfortable during the last 6 weeks.

Re: can extreme swelling hurt baby?

  • Ask your doctor for sure. The swelling is from your heart being overworked, so by all means ask your doctor for bed rest. 
  • I am also having a ton of swelling that never goes away plus I feel like crap.  I had my 34 week appt yesterday and she ran a ton of tests.  I got the results back and all is fine.  I even gained 7lbs in 2 weeks which my doctor said it was all water weight.  I am just going to keep an eye on it and go from there.
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