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Lexie Elizabeth's Birth Story

Lexie Elizabeth arrived a full 3 weeks early on June 5 at 11:01pm after 32 hours or labor and four hours of pushing via c-section. She is a whopping 8lbs 13 ounces and 21.5 in with beautiful blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

Hubby and I work up to me me with wet PJ bottoms but not a wet sheet on June 4th after talking decided it was nothing we had our baby care class that day at the hospital so headed there. At halfway point in class felt like I had 'wet' myself again so called OB who had us walk over to L&D.

By 3pm I was admited into the hospital for my water breaking! I had no effacement or dilation so began my inducement process. At 2cm I was given an epidural to insert a contraction monitor. From what I recall of Labor I had awful back labor that nothing could relieve...By pushing time 32 hours later so exhausted I recall nothing much then the disappointment of having to have a c-section however up to that point I was told Lexie was only 7lbs not close to 9lbs!

No major complications during C-section....

So excited to have lexie home with me.... PIP 

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