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anyone else- last few weeks of pregnancy?

I have been so sick the past few days. I don't think its anything baby related, although it just could be pregnancy period. I still have baby movement, even though that has slowed some. I also have 0 energy. I can't sleep and when I finally do sleep its not long, and I don't get much rest. The smallest things are taking up all my energy. I just don't feel good at all. My stomach hurts and my body is sore. Is this just being super pregnant related? Everyone says I will get a boost of energy before labor begins, if that is the case, its not time for that yet. WDYT?
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Re: anyone else- last few weeks of pregnancy?

  • I hope you feel better soon. I am also in the last few weeks (c/s on the 24th) and I have no energy and my pelvis and hips are KILLING ME!!
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  • image thomas2013:
    I hope you feel better soon. I am also in the last few weeks (c/s on the 24th) and I have no energy and my pelvis and hips are KILLING ME!!

    Thank you! I have a DR appt tom so I will ask my MW then. Just wond if you tried goin to a chiro? Mine has really helped a lot with my hips and low back and all. And if I can't make it or don't have the money to go that week I get on my exercise ball and lay with my back flat and like roll around on my back. Sometimes it will crack, but it makes my low back feel so much better! 

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  • Yup I've been pretty miserable these last few weeks and I anticipate it will only get worse. I've started experiencing excruciating back pain when LO moves the right way. The pelvic and normal lower back pain are also not fun. I have days with more energy but it is getting difficult to get up/sit down with this belly. Things were certainly easier with DS's pg, no aches/pains and I didn't have a lot of trouble getting around. I also wasn't responsible for entertaining an almost 2 yo. I'm ready to have my body back.
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  • I know exactly what you are talking about! I don't know whats been wrong with me for the last couple of days, but on top of having a stomach ache/nausea, I am also really exhausted! I don't feel like getting off the couch and I am even too tiered to nap. I have to really push myself to do anything and it doesn't help that my hips hurt sooo bad. LO has been pushing herself up into my ribs which makes it super hard to breathe, and she has wedged her little foot on top of my ribs which is soooo painful and limits my movement. 
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  • ditto--- I feel like I have the worst flu ever- completely miserable and exhausted.
  • The smallest of task also takes all of my energy so I've decided to not do much of anything and just relax and nap. When I do get the energy to do things I just take my time and do as much as I can.

    But I too feel miserable and my belly has gotten so heavy that its uncomfortable for me to sleep at night. So I feel your pain :( I just keep telling myself its almost over.... 

  • Energy wise I haven't had a choice, I've had to push through the last week of work.  Thank god summer is here and I'm done.  :-)  My lower back and hips kill.  I can't get comfortable in bed no matter how I lay.  I'm also feeling really crampy - nothing that I can time, it just is there.  I know it will be worth it in the end, it is just the getting to the end. 
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  • I had some MAJOR pains in my pelvis for a couple of weeks and was kind of miserable (nothing compared to what you ladies are feeling) and on Monday night I just didn't know how I would make it through two more weeks of work.. fast forward to TUESDAY morning. I felt a million times better. I have almost zero pain in my pelvis (just the normal pain when I first try to get up at night or turn over) and I have so much energy! I'm still sleeping really well, but the change was so abrupt I thought the baby must have moved UPWARD b/c my breathing and heartburn got worse. Anyway, today at the doc she told me that the baby is still head down. I get an internal next week at almost 40 weeks and we'll see where we stand then!

    I really want to work one more week so I'm hoping I've got some time left, but according to most of my coworkers this is the calm before the storm. 

    I've also heard that your body completely shuts down right before labor and is resting to prepare itself so maybe it is one or the other? 

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  • Yes, these last few weeks are a bit tiring and the weather isn't helping. I did get a rush of energy with my 2 of 3 of my kids, and this one I had it about a month ago, not sure if it'll come back. 
  • I don't know what it is, but I cleaned my butt off Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and have been down for the count yesterday and today.  I have zero desire to do anything!  I have also been feeling sick.  Just the joys of pregnancy!  I had an internal yesterday and she said my cervix was "way up there" so I still have plenty of time.  Fort Knox in this piece I tell ya.
  • I definitely feel like most of you ladies are describing.  I've got hip pain and am completely exhausted (WAY worse than 1st Tri). I'm also crampy quite a bit of the time (I feel like I usually do on the first day of my period) and I've been having random contractions, especially at night.  I have slept like a rock the past few nights (aside from the contractions and getting up to pee all the time).
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