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What's appropriate Office shower etiquette re: who to invite?

I'm a first time mom-to-be who has worked at a large company for 6 years now.

I have a great relationship with many of the ladies in my office, although I'm a little shy about my personal life. So I was thrilled and honored that a group of my coworkers asked if they could throw me a shower, and would I send them a list of invitees.

This could be tricky! I have a great working relationship with many of the ladies in my office, but I am terrified some of the girls I don't know so well will feel snubbed if they aren't invited, especially since they sit next to those who will be invited. I also don't want to invite too many people, since I know the hostesses will be paying for the food, etc out of their own pockets.

Suffice to say, we don't have baby showers in our office often, so I am very unsure about how to go about this in a sensitive matter. Any advice? Thank you very much!

Re: What's appropriate Office shower etiquette re: who to invite?

  • Will this shower be off hours and off company property? If so, then I say invite whoever you want to invite. I work in a relatively small office (at least our department is small) and there's a group of us who are friends and hang out all the time. We don't feel the need to always invite others. It's not necessary.

    But if this is like the showers we have at our company where it's during lunch or later in the afternoon in one of the conference rooms and people will be well aware that you were having a shower, that gets trickier. In my company, we send out general invites to the whole department for bridal and baby showers. Whoever wants to come does, but no one feels snubbed. HTH.

  • I work at a really large school.  Usually, when a shower of any sort is held on campus they send out a general invitation to the whole staff.  If you know the person and want to go, great.  If not, you don't go and it's no big deal.  I'm not a fan of these generic invitations but most people don't seem to mind them.  If it were me, I would invite the people with whom I'm friends.  For those others, if you would go to theirs I'd invite them.  Otherwise, probably not.

  • I think you should find out from your coworkers what they had in mind in regard to the shower- did they want to host a WORK shower? If so, I agree with PP about opening the invite to all who you work with (but I also work at a large school where this sort of mass invite is standard and doesn't offend anyone's sense of, the expectation is that there are just light snacks provided and most people come for about an hour after work.  It's not a traditional "shower" in that sense).
  • Great points everyone, thank you for sharing! I plan to sit down with the hostesses and request that a mass invite be sent.

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