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Mommies - any of you refuse the 3 hour glucose test?

I was borderline GD with DS (treated like I had it, though), so my doc is making me do a glucose test in two weeks.  I really hope the test goes well, but if it doesn't I really, really, really don't want to do the 3 hour test.  That hurt more than anything I've ever experienced, except of course labor! 

Have any of you who are already mommies refused the 3 hour test?  Just wondering what a doc's reaction would be.  I wouldn't mind just going on the diet, and I'd test my sugar if necessary, but seriously...I'm TERRIFIED to do another 3 hour.  Those three hours were the worst part of my entire pregnancy.

Re: Mommies - any of you refuse the 3 hour glucose test?

  • I don't know why you would.  The second test is more accurate.  Maybe you can ask to have a nurse draw your blood instead of the lab techs?  I am not someone who goes against my dr.'s wishes.

  • I'm refusing it this time.  I get violently ill from it.  We're talking a nurse loading me into a wheelchair after I collapsed in the waiting room ill.  Another time, they had to transport me to the hospital.  I got sick every single time - and I've had 3.  This time, I decided I'm not doing it again. 

    Soooo.....I get to prick my finger 3x a day and test my blood sugar!  Starting from 12wks until I deliver. 

    So, it's not like I'm "getting out" of anything.  I just can't do that test again.

  • I don't get it. DO you just assume you have it because of the failed 1hr and carry on as if you have GD? I mean, it makes sense. If you fail the 1 hr, aren't you pretty much going to fail the 3hr? I know nothing about it!
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  • I don't know why you wouldn't take it.

    I failed the one hour, passed 3 hour. Neither test was a big deal at all for me. I don't now why you consider it "painful". If you indeed have GD, everyone (including you) need to know. Just playing along like you do have it by following the diet and testing your levels makes no sense to me. 

  • I may, I got really sick from it the first time and honestly I don't have the time to take off from work to sit around a hospital for 4 hours.  I'd rather just check my sugar levels if I fail the 1 hour.  I had to do meds last time even with a very controlled diet.  (Ok I ate one apple....but that was IT)


    I'd rather just check my blood 4x a day than be misserable, starving and sitting somewhere for 4 hours.

  • My preference is to test my blood sugar daily instead of taking the test.  The baseline standards are all over the place, and I think daily readings are more accurate.

    But I haven't discussed this with my mw yet; I've just looked into it since I'm at a higher risk for GD being obese. 

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  • I was also borderline GD with DS but I was still told to change my diet and test like I had it. With this one I just did my 1 hour glucose test yesterday and I really hope I get the results back before the weekend. I would not refuse the test myself but you can talk with your doctor and see waht he/she says. I would rather go through the 3 hour if it ment it would be negative and I would not have to test everyday. I just hope I passed this 1 hour test.
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  • I thoroughly failed the 1 hr with DS and passed the 3 hr no problem.  The 3 hr is just way more accurate.

    4 hours of not fun vs pricking myself 4xday for 5 months plus going on a rigid diet (not that it wouldn't be healthy, but one more thing to keep track of), gee, for me that's a simple decision

    the first time I did the 3 hr I brought a book and napped in my car almost the whole time- the nurse came and woke me up or I set my cell phone alarm each time I needed to go back in.

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