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Formula Cans in Mailbox

I received two cans of Similac Formula in the mail yesterday.  Did anyone else just receive this?  I don't know if my dr. office sent out my name or maybe the hospital.  My husband freaked out because he thought I ordered it and he didn't want to pay for something if I was able to breastfeed.  The cans were pretty big.

Re: Formula Cans in Mailbox

  • Did you sign up fro ANY baby webiste that required you to put in your address including the bump?
  • I got some too, a couple of weeks ago.  I remember the "welcome" bag I got from my OB had some Similac info in it so I think that is the connection.
  • If you haven't registered at similac.com, someone gave them your name. I got them at what would have been about the 36w mark with my last pregnancy (m/c) and at the time I think I had figured out the origin, but don't remember exactly. (maybe Motherhood??) I didn't think I'd signed up at similac.com. My Dr's office gets their freebies from Enfamil, so I know they weren't the source. Either way, they're free, so don't let your DH worry about a bill coming. There should be a bunch of $5 checks too. If you don't know if you'll use them, give them away before they expire. You'll keep getting them in the mail as long as someone uses them so if you find you need them later, you'll still get some.

  • Wow.. lucky! I havent received any.. and we are using Similac :(
  • What kind is it?! Any chance you are looking to get rid of it?!
  • I haven't but my mom has, LOL.  Who knows what she got me from where that got her on the list.
  • I got them yesterday too!!! They came in a fabric similac bag. I think I got them by signing up at one of the maternity stores in my area (either Motherhood or Thyme Maternity).
  • I got a TON Of samples before I had my DD. I had only signed up at pampers for diaper coupons, but got samples from all the formula companies, huggies, etc.
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  • I haven't registered on any formula site so I am going to assume my OB or hospital submitted my name.  The only other places that have my address and info are BabiesRUs and Pampers.  My husband just thought I had already thrown in the towel on breastfeeding and he is really hopeful we don't have to go the formula route right away.

    Mommy2Serenity, I don't want to give them away just yet in case I am not able to breastfeed but I should know that in a few weeks after our baby arrives so I will page you if something changes.  There were two different formulas in the box but I don't remember what they were. 

  • I have received several full size cans from a few different companies already, even though I am planning on breast feeding!  I am holding onto them because you never know how breastfeeding will turn out, or if there will be an emergency that prevents you from being home in time for a feeding.
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  • I got some too (some "Strong Moms" campaign from Similac).  I was personally offended, but my DH told me to relax and just put it in the back of the pantry in case we need to supplement at some point. "It's not poison," he said:)
  • My dad received some in the mail!  The only way I can think of they'd have his name is possibly from me registering for one of the free Playtex bottles...
  • I got two big cans in the mail a couple of weeks ago, along with some $5 off Similac coupons. Who knows where they got my name? Some doctor's offices sell that information. Plus, my sister continually signs me up for free stuff (I've asked her to stop but she hasn't) so they could have come from there too. I'm just holding on to them in case BFing doesn't work out or I need to supplement.
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