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She's STILL congested! Any tips?

I took DD to the doc last Wednesday for some nasal congestion at night. The Pedi checked her lungs, temp, and anything else that may be affected and just said that sometimes congestion is normal in babies. Keep a humidifier and saline drops handy and use the aspirator a couple of times a day. Well, she got better for a couple of days. Hardly any stuffiness. We still kept the humidifier on all night.

Then last night out of the blue she was worse off than she was the first time. She had snot dripping out of her nose and I could hear the stuffiness over the monitor. I used the aspirator and saline drops. And picked her up. She went back to sleep for a few minutes but woke back up. She still sounded congested when I took her to DC this morning. She still doesn't have a fever or seem like anything else is bothering her. 

What else is there to do?!? I feel so bad for her. I also have had some stuffiness and I think she got it from me. But I can take medicine.. Any tips???


Re: She's STILL congested! Any tips?

  • DD was congested a couple of weeks ago with no fever. We also hung out in the bathroom while the shower made the room super steamy (no fan) several times a day.
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  • My LO is almost 3 weeks old and we have been having the same problem. It's affecting her sleeping but she doesn't have a fever or anything of that nature. We keep the saline drops and suction buld handy but it's been a week of this. GL to y'all

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    Besides what pp have said, this has really helped us so much more than a bulb syringe:

    I'd ask pedi 1st, but with dd1 ours recommended putting Vick's on the bottom of her socks (rather than directly on her skin) to sleep.  Last thing...try having her sleep at an incline.

    Hope your DD is feeling beter soon!

    Expecting our 3rd little girl this New Year's!

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    DD was congested a couple of weeks ago with no fever. We also hung out in the bathroom while the shower made the room super steamy (no fan) several times a day.

    THIS!  DS was sick around 6 weeks and he still still has some lingering mucous.  However, the bathroom steam did the trick to get it out of his head.  If he would just give one big huge cough, he would get the rest out, but his ped said it will probably take some time for that to happen.

    Definitely try the shower.


  • I had her sit in the shower with me this morning and yesterday... This morning didn't seem to help anything. But, our bathroom is HUGE and that may make a difference. It doesn't steam too well. I'll try the guest bath tonight. 

    Thanks ladies!!!! 

  • oooo - VERY normal in babies 0-3 months to be congested (my lil' mama is, as well).  they don't know how to get that stuff out of their nasal cavity yet, until it sometimes gags them (which seems so scary sometimes).  

    The steamy shower is a great trick, and I can see that a rather large bathroom that doesn't get steamy may not work.  saline drops (such as lil' noses) i always recommended to patients in the past.

    However, a great trick that most moms would probably freak about trying, is to use breast milk in place of the saline drops.  Squirt a couple of drops of breast milk in each nostril a couple times per day, and, voila, it helps keep the passages somewhat clear and helps baby loosen up that congestion more naturally on their own.  But, you have to be breastfeeding in order to find out the powers of this trick.

     (Actually, breast milk can heal all sorts of ailments!  Scratches from baby's fingernails to baby acne - simply rub breast milk into the skin like a lotion, and the scratches and acne will disappear - no joke!) 

  • We went through this too. It ended up being a milk allergy! DD was so congested, however nothing was coming out when I was bulbing... Also, she was having frequent bowel movements that became mucousy. Eventually she starting having blood in her stool, which my pediatrician told me might be because she is pooping too much because she is swallowing back the mucous and the frequent poops are irriating her.. Now, we  switched her formula and it is ALL stopped! 

    Look for other signs! Hopefully iti s just a little cold. It is so hard to see them uncomfortable!  

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  • Put a humidifier in the room at night and keep using the saline nose drops and syringe.  It is probably your hormones still in her system.  Both of my babies had this and it lasted for longer than I thought it would.
  • Also when you are aspirating one nostirl, gently press the other one shut so it creates a great vaccum.  
  • My LO did the same thing. The congestion started in her nose then moved to her chest. She was especially congested at night and started coughing while sleeping. Took her to the doc and it was an ear infection, in both ears. I would try the doc again to be safe.

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