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If LO has traveled by plane..

How did your LO sit in their seat? In a carseat (DS despises his carseat, so I would love to hear other options), just sitting in the seat with the plane seatbelt, or did you use some other safety harness?

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Re: If LO has traveled by plane..

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    C was under 2 so he sat in my lap and we didnt buy him a seat....he slept the whole time which was such a blessing! We are flying again in august and this time he will have his own seat but we arent using a car seat or anything just the seatbelt...i am bringing tons of stuff to try to keep him calm and occupied!  Good Luck!
  • When we put DD in her carseat on the plane - her feet could touch the seat in front of her.  She kicked the seat a lot and I felt really bad for the guy sitting there.  I did my best to stop her, but I know it had to be annoying.  Next time we fly - I think I am going to try the CARE Harness.  It looks like it will keep her restrained in her seat but she will be further back in the seat and hopefully unable to kick.
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  • DD flew on my lap until she was 2, including on international trips. It was where she was most comfortable. After age 2, we bought her a seat and tried using a CARES harness since we weren't traveling with a car seat that trip (ILs have one on the other end). The harness was a mess- way too easy for her to figure out how to take off. So the next trip, I tried the car seat and was told by an ill-informed counter agend that the Britax is too big for a plane and was forced to check it.

    She was wrong, but in the end, it didn't matter. It seems that DD flies best without any kind of extra harness or car seat. She's great about sitting in her seat and is generally an awesome traveler. We've flown many times since she turned 2 last year and the only bad experience we had was the first flight we bought her a seat for- she insisted on sitting in my lap most of the time because she just wasn't used to having her own seat. Our return flight on that same trip was fine and we were able to convince her that having her own seat was a fun, wonderful thing.

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  • DD just sits on the regular plane seat with the seatbelt on.



  • We either use the CARES Harness or her carseat. 
  • When she was under 2, she just sat on our lap.  Now we just buckle her in.  We have only flew to Disney though and didn't need a carseat when we landed since we used Disney transportation.  With the little space in the airplane seats, I think it would be really cramped in a carseat.
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    I've flown with DD a few times & the last two times we used her car seat.  It was clunky & clumsy but I know she just wouldn't sit there in her seat the entire time.  She is a wiggle worm & that is also a reason we got her a seat of her own she she was 22 months old.

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  • We have flown with ds a lot, including many overseas flights, and stopped using his car seat at 18 months, when he was able to reach the seat in front of him and kick it. We started using the CARES harness and it works great for us, he knows how to unbuckle the seatbelt but he knows he is not allowed to. The thing with the CARES is that the only part they should be able to unbuckle is the seatbelt, and if they are just in the seatbelt they can do that as well. I would rather have the 5 pt harness just in case, as it is much safer.
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  • We rear-faced her cosco scenera (our travel seat) until this most recently trip purely so she could not kick the seat of the passenger in front of her. That passenger couldn't recline as  result, but they always chose that over a kicker!

    There was a younger kid across from us on one flight who did well sitting in the seat with just the buckle, but I'm not sure how well T would do like that. because she's happy in her seat, and because we've needed it at our destination we've just kept to using the car seat.  

  • We use the CARES harness. DD likes it and will stay in it.
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