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Cord blood banking...Lifebank vs. CBR

I have to tell my doctor which of these banks I want to use at my appointment tonight, and I can't make up my mind.  Besides cord blood banking, LIfebank offers placenta cord banking and CBR offers cord tissue banking (for an extra fee of course).  I think I will just do the cord blood banking.  On LB's website, there are 30 cases of banked blood that was used to treat a patient, and on CBR's there's over 100.  I'm not sure if that's the entire population of each, or just a sample for illustration.  CBR says they store the blood in 4 segments so it can be used at different times, for testing, etc., which seems like a good idea, but LB doesn't mention this.  Anyone have any knowledge/input?  Thanks!

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Re: Cord blood banking...Lifebank vs. CBR

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