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How to keep brats/burgers warm for DD's party

Anyone have a suggestion on pre-grilling brats and burgers? My parents have a Nesco I can borrow but I am worried about the meat drying out. Would it be gross to add some water or other liquid to the pan?

Or does anyone have another suggestion on a meat/main dish we could make in advance? We did subs last year and while it worked great, I wanted to do something more substantial this year.

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Re: How to keep brats/burgers warm for DD's party

  • Can you just keep them on warm in the oven? Is the party going to be at your home or somewhere else? 
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  • The party is at our house. We could also just grill them at the time of the party, but DH doesn't want to be a slave to the grill.
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  • I put either water or beer  (or both) in the nesco and add some onions too. 
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  • mama31mama31
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    For SS party we did hot dogs and brats and just cooked them on the stove in a large pot instead of grilling.  They taste better on the grill, but it saves time boiling them instead and they don't dry out.
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  • I had to open this post, curious if someone outside of Wisconsin was serving brats at a LOs party...

    We put grilled brats into a disposable tinfoil tray on the grill set to low heat (gas grill) and like PP suggested, use beer and water with onions to keep them from drying out. You don't need a lot of liquid (the brats shouldn't be submerged) and if you keep it covered with tinfoil or use the nesco it will trap the steam and keep them warm and moist. 

    If you pile the burgers on top of the brats they won't get as much beer taste as if they're in the beer but they will get a little beer taste. One option would be to pre-grill the brats but not the burgers. 

    Have fun! 

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  • We kept the brats warm in a crockpot with beer.

    The hamburgers were in another crockpot. They didn't get dried out.

  • We put them in buns wrapped them in foil and put them in the warmer.  We grilled everything right before the twins' party last year and everything was fine.

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  • You could do something like pulled pork, or pulled chicken sandwiches.  Then you could just keep the meat warm right in the crockpot, or in some of those disposable foil tins you get at the party store.
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