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Babyproofing Kitchen Cabinets, Please help!

So we have done some remodeling and have built a new room on our house just for the dogs.  They used to stay in the kitchen and the floor was gross all the time.  Since they have their new room, the doggy gate can now come down and my daughter can come in anytime!

Here is the problem:  we bought the brand Safety 1st cabinet child proof locks, the one where you drill the long part on the door, and the tab on the upper part of the cabinet, so the longer part catches the tab when pulled open.

THEY DON'T WORK.  My daughter can easily just pull the cabinet open and the tab catches, but just slips right throught, therefore opening the cabinet wide open! 

My question:  What brand of childproof cabinet locks do you have?  I need to buy some good ones fast.

 Thank you in advance for your help! Smile

Re: Babyproofing Kitchen Cabinets, Please help!

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