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The great milk war (clicky poll)

So, DS turns 1 next week. DH and I started him a tiny bit early onto Vit. D whole milk, mostly 1/2 formula 1/2 milk to transition him to milk.

Now he's drinking 8oz morning bottle, and 8oz night-time bottle, with meals inbetween. My husband's niece has a daughter who is about 18mo, and WILL NOT shut up about the amount of milk we're giving him.

 From everything I've researched and read, 1 year old it is perfectly fine to drink 16oz daily whole milk. She keeps telling me its going to block his iron absorption, and I should only give him 4oz a day.

I go in and talk to the Pedi on Wednesday...but I want to hear what you think.


Re: The great milk war (clicky poll)

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