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getting so frustrated with my body

yesterday i was contracting every 10 minutes, and woke up this morning contracting too - suddenly - it is totally gone, nothing.  Yesterday I lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show - my poor mother was over and called into the bathroom to confirm, and now i just feel stuck.  it is just things seem to actually be progressing yesterday and today nothing.  I have a NST on wednesday and dont see the doc again until Thursday. i am sure some of you will say, relax - this is normal - but i am so over it!

I am so happy to have provided a good home for my child for 40+ weeks, but really i just feel like crying - and did for a good amount of time yesterday.  dh and i have been walking, i have been eating spicy food and in about 20 minutes, i think i will jump him - even though my vagina is feeling very sore (sorry if TMI)

Please tell me I am not the only one feeling stuck.  i am growing so angry with my body

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Re: getting so frustrated with my body

  • I was angry with mine too when it didn't go into labor naturally after my doctor told me she didn't expect me to make it to my scheduled induction.  And I was angry when my body didn't start contracting strongly during my 10+ hours on Cervadil.  But eventually, you WILL have that baby, and your body will do amazing things and you will feel fantastic.  I know it's hard, but hang in there--your baby knows when it is time to come out and your body knows what to do. 

    Congratulations--you really are almost there!!

  • I am furious with my body. Last pregnancy I was 5 days overdue, I never had a single contraction. never  dilated, baby never dropped and I didn't labor and was sent straight to a c-section since my bishop score was so bad so no induction for me....baby was measuring "big" on ultrasounds so they didn't want me going any longer. 

    Now I'm back in the same place I was last time. Body is doing nothing. I've had contractions this time though....so I guess my body is doing a little more than it did last time but no dilation/effacment, cervix still posterior and thick, still have my MP, no bloody show...basically nothing is going on at all. I'm 38w6d now but due to my previous c-section doc is only waiting till my due date.

    So I literally have 8 days to have this baby...tick tock...tick tock.

  • I'm right there with you. We actually went to L&D yesterday because I was getting CX every 4-7 min and they were strong!! Only be be monitored and checked... Still not dilated! And sent home. :( I go from being fine to upset and back to fine again constantly. The end IS near for us. Trying to 'hang in there'.
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  • I feel the same.  I'm not due until tomorrow and know 1st time moms normally go late, but with all the timeable contractions I was hoping it would be 'real' labor by now.  Soon we will all have our LOs! 
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  • I totally feel you.  Every time I start getting frequent BH I think this is it!  But it never is.  I'm trying to be patient but time is ticking away.  I just hope I pass my NST tomorrow with flying colors and buy myself a little more time.  Hang in there!

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  • i cry pretty much every other day now.  i've been spending the last week trying everything (walking, swimming, swinging, eating spicy foods, eating pineapple, etc).  thursday my sister made me do this workout thing and since then i've been so sore.  today i got up to walk and it took me 30 minutes to go a mile and i almost called my husband to pick me up because my legs hurt so bad.  my stretch marks on my inner thighs are angry red and purple and hurt like they are going to pop open.  at least they are pretty...  i am beyond frustrated and i'm not technically late (although things would have to get going pretty soon to not be).  despite all this, PP is right that the baby will come, one way or another.  until then, there will never be any judgement from here if you want to vent away on the bump!
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  • Oh im here with you. I just scarfed down 3 veggie tacos with half a bottle of hot sauce! I was due May 31st and I could scream that I havent had this baby yet. To make matters worse....this is #3 and I assumed it would come earlier. Not so much. I had painful contractions all last night and got so excited, but then I woke up and realized that it had passed. Ive just had to battle my dr on the whole induction issue, so hopefully this baby will come on its own time before the dr "has" to induce me. Im angry with my body too, but lets just be glad we are able to keep our babies in long enough that theyre healthy. Its worth all the frustration if you consider what its like for the women with sick preemies. Good luck and Ill keep you in my thoughts!
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  • thank you for posting this. i've been feeling guilty thinking this way and been trying to let myself not feel guilty for being off of work already since LO isn't here yet but i can't help it. I just have this feeling that it's not gonna happen on it's own but my doc won't even talk about inducing.
  • Girl, I was hoping you were in labor after your membranes being stripped and not seeing you today!

    Hang in there....I hope tonight brings real labor for you! 

  • I'm right there with you on being frustrated.  I don't think baby nor my body knows that she was supposed to exit 4 days ago.  Last weekend I was having mild timeable contractions but since then- nothing.  I haven't lost my MP, haven't had even a hint of a bloody show, there is a bit of effacement but no dilation at all.  It's my health plan (kaiser)'s policy to not let you go past 41 weeks so I do have induction scheduled for Thursday (41 weeks, 1 day) but I don't see that it's going to work that well unless my body starts making some motions towards labor before then.

    I've eaten eggplant parm, garlic, pineapple, walk 2 miles a night, have walked stairs, bounced on the ball thing, eaten everything spicy I possibly could think of and still nothing.

    As a side note: I had never even heard of a Bishop's score so I looked it up.  I can't imagine I'm going to score well at all.

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  • I'm right there with ya! I'm so irritable and cranky now, and constantly feel like I hate my H because he keeps saying "its normal, relax"...yeah ok, says the person who has not been carrying the baby for 40 weeks! I'm so anxious that I will have to be induced and deliver in the hospital instead of the birthing center.

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  • it is very nice to know i am not alone.  it is of course made worse with all the phone calls, texts and emails from friends and family checking in - because you know of course, i had the baby and i decided not to tell anyone.  I am afraid that they will not talk induction until next week - the thought makes me so upset, especially because we are closing on our house next Monday - and really i would be upset.  If I am still pregnant on thursday, i may be beginning for an induction that evening.

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  • cvl105cvl105
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    well that's a tease! I would be pissed too with my body! I haven't had any contractions yet, I don't think. I think my body doesn't realize I'm over due!
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  • Very frustrated!  I can't complain as much because I'm not due for another 5 days but I am 4 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced.  I've been having timeable contractions but then they just go away.  I know I need to be patient because it technically is not time yet but my body keeps faking me out!
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