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Lillian is here! PIP

She was born on June 2nd at 7:36 am. She weighted 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. I was to be induced at 7 pm on the first but she decided we had to do things on her time because my water ended up breaking at 2 pm. When I got to the hospital I was at 3 cm but I ended up not being able to dilate further on my own. They started the pitocin at midnight and I got my epidural at 2 am. I thank whoever invented the epidural because there is no way I would have been able to stand the rest of my labor without it because I had horrible back labor. I slept for like three hours woke up at 5 am got checked at 5:40 am and was told I was only 5 cm. At 6:20 am the doctor came in because they wanted to put the head monitor on her because she had been having slight decels and they were going to put an internal monitor to check just how strong my contractions were but they ended up not doing either because when he checked me I was 9 cm 90% effaced and she was at zero station. I started pushing at 7 am and only had to push for a half hour. I had a 2nd degree tear but that was my fault when she was crowning an my doctor told me to push I wouldn't stop and he almost didn't catch her because of it. Thank god he cared more about catching her than making sure I didn't tear. Were both home now though and we are doing great and she is latching like a pro. Picture in siggy.
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