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1st Birthday Present for girl

I don't know what to get DD for her first Birthday,  I was thinking either a doll or book that would/could be special sentimental... any ideas?  I really wanted to get her a plush tinkerbell since her name is Bella and she looks a little like Tinkerbell...  but i couldn't find the doll.

Re: 1st Birthday Present for girl

  • Have you checked the Disney Store?  We got our Bella the plush Belle doll for Christmas when they were on sale.
  • I think a book that you write something in the cover is really nice - maybe a tinkerbell book?  Plush tinkerbell will get dusty and ratty over time - a book she can have forever- and if it has something really sentimental written by you, then it will mean even more.

    I did the book idea plus I am getting one charm for a necklace for each birthday.  So when she was born, I got a baby shoe.  For her first, I just got a ladybug - which is her bedroom sheets and decorations.  I thought when she is older, she can make a charm bracelet or just wear them individually as a necklace.  Plus, what girl doesn't like jewelry?  LOL 

    Here are pics of what they look like - it's the same necklace with different charms

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