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What are your weekend plans...

Since the board is usually a little slow on weekends, I'd thought this would be a fun topic....

Our weekend........We had Coop's 9 month pictures at a historic mill this morning and they went great.  We're going to head to the pool today and tomorrow and basically do our best to get some R&R.  Coop is at that fun age where he loves exploring anything and a trip to the front yard is all the adventure he needs.  I love watching him examine a flower, twig, or leaf for the first time with such awe!  I've decided this weekend I'm going to do nothing but enjoy those moments and let all the stress from this week disappear. 

***as a follow up, I decided to ditch all sleep training ideas and just go with the flow atleast until my Dh was done working all weekend and what do you know... Coop STTN with only one night feeding and went down super easy for both naps.  I'm on cloud 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: What are your weekend plans...

  • I'm happy about the sleep update. At some point I stopped worrying about it and it got easier. We have a rare play date with my BFF and her 18mos DD this afternoon. Tomorrow we are taking DD to her first MLB game, Yankees vs. Angels. DD and DH are super excited!
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  • Today we made stew for dinner, puttered around the house and went with SIL and BIL to take our canine nephew swimming at the lake. Also, Sully went to bed ( in his new CD!) without screaming!!!!

    Tomorrow we will perhaps tackle the basement, I will fill out my grad school stuff, and we'll go on a family walk because DH is getting really into back-wrapping (though I do the wrapping 'cuz he doesn't know how...). I also want to do a little photo shoot with my wee monster man.

  • We went to the pool today (DD2 learned to swim yesterday and Im so pround to have taught both of my kids) Then I took both my girls to the volleyball court to play in the sand...After sweating my ass off in the Ga heat, we went home and cooled down. Hopefully Ill have a baby at some point this weekend, but Im not holding my breath. It would be nice to be meet my team green baby sooner than later. Tomorrow my girls are going to church with my parents and Ill more than likely sit in the baby's room and imagine he or she is already here. DH is working on his last semester of college, so Ill be home alone all day. Sounds nice to some, but Ill be bored out of my mind without them there screaming and fighting with eachother. (they are 6 and 3 year old girls...they cant help it) Ill eaither be on the bump, pinterest, or in the bed most of the day. Its too hot to be doing anything outside right now.
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