so torn, how do you do juggle chores and kids? esp 2 working parents

DH and I work pretty opposite schedules. Well our house is a disaster, but there is rarelytime When we are both home. How do you manage housework with kids? The kids want to be out playing, frankly so do I however, I have so much I need to do inside. Laundry, vacuuming,Dusting, washing windows, stripping beds etc. I have yet to even swap out the seasonal clothes so we have pilesOf winter and summer clothes everywhere. I just can't seem to juggle it all alone. Help me out and give me your tips.
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Re: so torn, how do you do juggle chores and kids? esp 2 working parents

  • I work the opposite shift of MH as well. I work evenings. It sucks because there are fun things we want to do, but on my days off I have to catch up on cleaning, laundry etc. I work 3 evenings a week and every other weekend. On my days off, while DD2 is napping I get my cleaning done and DD1 has "quiet time" where she watches a movie so I can get my work done with little interruption. I don't do it all in one day either-I split it up. I dust one day, clean bathrooms the next etc. I also only do these things every other week. I pick up, sweep and wipe down daily, so my house stays pretty clean despite only getting a deep clean every other week. I strip beds when I think about-usually on the weekends and do laundry mostly on the weekends, but I can easily fold and put away laundry while the kids are playing. 
    DH is pretty good about keeping the house picked up as well so that I don't come home to a messy house at night. He also will do laundry especially on the weekends I work. In general, I am pretty lax and let some things go because you just have to when you are essentially a single working mom half the time. In the whole grande scheme of things, what's it going to matter if you house is a little dirty or dusty? A little dirt won't kill you-at least that is what I tell myself when my house is not super clean. 
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  • I work PT and SAH 2x a week. On those days, I tell DD (DS is too young) that it is "clean up clean up time." I spend about an hour tidying up/chores, then we go do something. And for deep cleaning, we got a cleaning service 1x a month. I truly love it; it has made me a happier person. I'd split up chores between you and DH so that each day you have about an hour to get stuff done. And sometimes DD wil watch a few shows so I can get stuff done. DD is at that age where she loves to use a spray bottle and sponge. Sometimes she's my "sprayer girl", she'll spray the floor w/ cleaner, and I scrub it. Whatever works, we do a combo of everything I mentioned.
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  • When you're behind, it seems impossible to catch up.

    I start with the big stuff: laundry and seasonal clothes.  Make a pact for yourself that you will get completely caught up this weekend (wash, dry, fold, put away).  Do it tonight after the kids are down and finish tomorrow.  If that means 8 loads of laundry, so be it.

    Once that clutter is taken care of, put up a weekly list that you and your husband can take care of.  Kids can help with some of it.  So one day is vacuuming, next day is dusting, next day is strip the beds, next day is bathrooms and so on.  Each chore should be 1/2 hour to 45 minutes long: manageable, not overwhelming.

    Kids are given jobs too.  My kids (4 years old and 2.5 years old) take the recycle out to the blue box, pick up their toys, wipe up their own spills; stuff like that.

    Mom and dad make sure the dishes are done every night and the house is picked up/straightened out every day or so.  Then it just isn't such a big deal.


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  • I do a little every night from 8:30 to 9 after they're in bed.  I wash and dry all of the laundry, DH folds and I put away.  He's also responsible for the floors (vacuum and mop).  Works pretty well for us.  We usually do a little clean up on weekend AMs before we head out.  the kids help with this too.
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  • I work on MWF and stay at home on T/TH.  Every other TH, I do a whole house clean.  I plug in a movie for the kids first thing in the morning and get as much done as I can.   Last time, it was really nice outside and the kids entertained themselves for like 2 hours in our fenced backyard.  Usually whatever I don't finish during the movie, I do during naptime.  I just try not to get distracted and just get it done.  Our house can be cleaned within 2 hours for sure, so that is what I try to stick to.
  • MH and I work FT but the same shift.   Every night I do a load of laundry and I keep up with the dishes daily.   After every meal, I sweep the floors and clean the table.   I also spot clean the bathrooms throughout the week due to one particular little boy : ) 

    On the weekends, I try to do other laundry:  bedding, towels, etc.  I also try to clean the bath tubs then, vacuum and sweep and mop the floors.  

    Our house is generally clean, but it is cluttered : (  

    eta:  I put the kids outside to play (fenced yard) so I can get things done or we also have quiet time because only my youngest naps now 

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  • If you can, ask for help. A sister or anyone. If you can afford a maid, do it! I dont work and one of my kids is old enough for school, so theres no reason my apt is ever dirty, but it gets that way from time to time. I say dont fight it, but if it gets too bad, then try to find someone to help you clean it. We're moms and any good mom will not judge you for asking for help. I would help you but Im a little far away. I say let it be and get to it when you can. even if its a little at a time.
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  • DH works nights, 4 on, 4 off. I work days, 3 - 12 hour days a week so we are rarely home together. We have a cleaning service come every 2 weeks. That's the only time the WHOLE house gets clean at one time, but it is a god send! It's the best money I spend every week. I tend to do laundry at night after the kids have gone to bed over two days.
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  • We have a cleaning schedule/chore list on fridge. That way either person can see what needs to be done and still hasn't been done yet at any time. This eliminated me feeling like SO should know what needed to be done or me barking things at him. It has cut down on arguements big time. We have things that get done daily and in addition to those things a room gets cleaned each day of the week. I do a load or 2 of laundry daily to keep up. I don't wash more unless the clean loads are folded and put away.

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