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Great 2nd C-Section experience!

I didn't post over here too often, but I thought I would share a great repeat c/s story.

I was admitted on June 2 around 11 and the c/s was scheduled for 12:45. Once my information was in the system, and my IV was in I was wheeled into the OR and had a spinal placed (it was not bad the IV was worse). Once they laid me down I began to feel sick and shaky like I was going to pass out. I threw up in a little tray ( a tiny amount since I hadn't eat or drank in 12 hours). They finally got DH and no sooner did DH's butt hit the chair did the doctor say to look up and the baby was out! It took 3 minutes for the doctor to get him out and he was off to the nursery. They sewed me up and I was wheeled to recovery. The down side was the baby was born at 12:48 and he had breathing issues, so I did not see him until around 4:30. They finally got me a room and I was able to nurse him around 5pm. Recovery has been really smooth, I've only taken the Motrin and they are releasing us today (after a 2 night stay). I feel great and have been up and around walking/showering, etc on my own! I feel sore but otherwise great!

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Re: Great 2nd C-Section experience!

  • Congratulations to you! Thanks for the stroy because I am scheduled for a c this time. Last time it was an emergency and likely such a different experience. Glad you are doing well. But I have to say, I better get more than Motrin!


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  • Congratulations! Your recovery does sound like it has been good.I have two questions, if you don't mind my asking and can find the time!

    What do you think has made it so smooth? I am scheduled for a RCS in my 40th week, but if I go into labor before that, I will attempt, for at least a short time, a VBAC. I haven't been able to make up my mind between the two!

    My first c-section didn't go terribly...but it was unplanned and after a long labor, so I am wondering if that was part of sheer exhaustion and pain the first time. Though, really, I healed very well and pretty quickly- felt better within a week. 

    What week was your c-section? I am just curious because of the breathing issues (but at least they were short-term).

    Thanks so much!

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  • Congrats!!! How exciting for you and your family!!! 2 nights after a c-section is pretty fast :)

    The recovery for my first c-section was good, my second was even better/faster....here's hoping the 3rd (and last) is a piece of cake :)

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  • I also had a cesarean after a long labor and had a hard recovery. I had some kind of infection and fever and was a mess for a few weeks. They also had to make a larger incision because of the angle of DS...whatever that meant.

    I have been wishing that I could just go into labor and see if I could have it naturally but my Dr. said I could try and then maybe it would be fine or maybe I would have the same trumatic experience again and feel so sick after...so I am hoping this one is a piece of cake vs. the previous.

    My due date is August 25 and my c is scheduled for August 19th. I too am curious when others are scheduled.

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  • Thank you so much for posting this! I need a repeat too and I've been pretty scared. I will remember this story to help me. Congrats on your beautiful baby!
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  • I can't speak for the OP, but I can answer a couple questions from my experience.  

    I had a scheduled c-section with DD and an amazing experience.  My recovery was much the same as OP in that I was only using Motrin and up and walking quickly.  I think the difference between that and a lot of c-section stories is that I didn't have a long, exhausting labor leading up to my c-section.  It seems that the people who have a scheduled one recovery faster.  

    This time around I am scheduled for 39 weeks, which is the soonest our hospital will allow it.  I personally would have preferred to wait until 40 weeks, but we had some prior commitments for DD that would make that difficult.  

    As far as breathing, there is a slight risk for all c-section babies, no matter the gestational age, that they will have transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN).  The thought is that since they aren't squeezed out through the birth canal the fluid may not completely leave their lungs before they are born.  Its usually something that resolves relatively quickly.  Here's a link on it: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/lungs/ttn.html 

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