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BF & Bottles

So I am planning on BF as long as I can however I do work full time and am in grad school full time which will leave LO with my mom and hubby for long chunks of time. Thus I want LO to get use to breast milk in bottles as well as from me. My peditrician has suggested after the 1st week or 2 to give LO a bottle from hubby, but how many do we need to stock up on for this would you think? 

In aug I go back to school and in Oct will be doing school & work again so will of course need more bottles then but until then I have bought two brands of bottles 3 of each with a slow and medium flow nipple.

 Should this be enough until we know which brand LO prefers? Also once that is decided how many would u stock up with?



Re: BF & Bottles

  • I would see which one LO prefers, then I would have maybe 8-10 bottles on hand for when you are gone for longer periods. But I'm a FTM, so I could be off!
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  • I have no clue and glad you asked this ??


    Right now ...I have 2 Dr. Browns 4 oz...2 Born Free 5oz...and 2 Born Free 9oz for when he/she gets bigger...


    figured I'd try both brands out and see what is preferred then go buy a few more of each size...?   

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  • As of right now I only have 3 of the medela bottles. I bought the storage bags to pump and store in and I figure once LO gets here I will see if they like the bottles before buying any more!
  • My LO was getting pumped milk exclusively in the beginning and is now starting to nurse for a few of her feedings (though she still often wants a milk supplement), and we have 4 of the 5oz Born Free bottles.  That's been working fine, though at some point I might get a few more.  DH and I are both home all the time so washing them more often is no big deal.
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  • You have plenty for now.  When my baby went to full time care at 4 months, I sent 6 bottles of breastmilk per day.  So I had 12 bottles total allowing me to rotate clean/dirty.  I had some smaller bottles for when LO was tiny, but when I purchased my stash of 12 I got the bigger bottles (10oz I think) because they do start to drink more as they get older.  
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