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Maternity Clothes

This is my 4th child (6th pregnancy). I am starting to get worried that I will need to be in maternity clothes before I am ready to tell people I am pregnant! We waited 12 weeks to tell those closest to us last time and 20 weeks to tell everyone because of my history of things going wrong. My pants aren't tight yet but I am starting to be sensitive to things buttoning around my belly! This is making me nervous. Anyone else think they will be in maternity clothes before 12 weeks?
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Re: Maternity Clothes

  • I wore a pair of maternity pants today and put a baggy shirt on so I don't think anyone noticed.


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  • Oh, I absolutely will be in maternity clothes within 3 weeks - I guarantee it! I guess it's a good thing everyone already knows I'm pregnant :)
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  • I know I will be. I don't think I made it past week 8 in any of my pregnancies before switching over.
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  • Im already rocking mat. pants and shorts due to this amaing bloat I have going on. It way more comfy.

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    I'm already in :)
    I bought some summer shorts.. they don't look any different. Just 100x more comfy!
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  • I've started wearing maternity clothes in order to be more comfortable and I'm only 9 weeks (3rd pregnancy).

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  • This is my first, but I'm actually going shopping for summer skirts and stuff for work (business casual) because my pants were too tight last week! lol Plus it's summer and skirts look good and feel pretty comfy if you get ones that sit on your waist rather than your hips. lol. Probably need to start shopping soon for new bras too =/ lol I just spent quite a bit on getting new ones about a month before I found out >_< Ooo fun lol.
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  • I have been wearing maternity clothes regularly because they are comfortable and I am bloated.  I say go for it if it is comfortable.  Most maternity clothes don't look like maternity clothes anymore anyway. 
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  • Thanks everyone! I feel better now. I think I will just go get a couple skirts and shorts that don't have the big band at the top like the ones I already own. That way, like you all said, it won't be as noticeable. 
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  • I had to switch to maternity clothes at 7.5 weeks this time! So ridiculous! I look 6 months pregnant already, but thankfully haven't gained any weight.
  • I've been thinking about this too...my pants are getting tight and I'm supposed to see my parents in about 2 weeks.  They will definately know if I show to to their house in my maternity pants.
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