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So much for keeping a secret!

We told my family the week we found out we were KU. We told DH's dad and step mom a week later. Now, a month later, we decided to tell his mom's side because they aren't so great with secrets. Lo and behold, now the entire world knows...even people at work because I work with my SIL!! I can't believe people really want to ruin other people's good news like that. I would feel horrible if I let out a secret that big. So frustrating!

 I had a feeling my SIL would rat us out though ever since we told her we were KU. Her first response was to run out to the back porch where he fianc? was and say 'We have to get pregnant right now b/c J & J are already pregnant!' What a way to celebrate with us huh? She then got upset when I told her I would not be attending her bachelorette party next weekend since they are going to bars/clubs and they all allow smoking. Some people!

Thanks for letting me vent. DH is out the door to get me a cheese pizza....YUM!!

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Re: So much for keeping a secret!

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