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Body giving mixed signals! (small vent)

LO dropped at 34w

Lost mucus plog and has bloody show at 36w4d

Now i am 36w7d and am up with lower back pain, swollen feet that hurt, for some reason starving and LO has decided tonight she is going to be a gymnast!

I am having normal BH contractions nothing to painful, and have pressure on my cervix like a bowling ball but once again normal. I also have the lovely lightening croch.... but nothing that leads to think  I am heading to labor.

 Sigh I have a growth u/s on the 6th, (I'll be 37w1d) and my OB wont due internals until you are at 38w so I truly have no clue what is going on with my body except for the fact I know I am hormonal as all get out! I am in such discomfort and can't get rid of this gosh darn headache (OB is keeping an eye on my BP but it's like a yo-yo). 

I think I just need a good nights sleep! and a clue as if my body is heading towards labor or just playing fake out! -- Vent over 


Re: Body giving mixed signals! (small vent)

  • Yeah, it does sound like you need some good sleep. I get like this, well not quite. I have not worried myself with when this little girl decides to come. I am completely content about it. I was nervous up until a few weeks ago, and now I have complete peace about it.

    I wouldn't focus on the signs that your LO is coming too much either, it sounds like all of that doesn't really affect when LO will come. Try to relax and get some sleep. I'm on here now because I can't sleep though, lol so I know what you mean about needing good rest 

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  • Sad I'm sorry, that seriously sounds like no fun but I agree with PP try to relax and get some sleep.  It might not fix anything but kicking your feet up or taking a warm bath might just be what you need in order to be able to get a good nights sleep which is very important.  I know the more tired I am the more uncomfortable everything becomes. GL and hope you feel better soon!
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