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Are you getting dad-to-be a father's day gift?

I was thinking about getting my DH a card and making him a nice dinner. I saw that Hallmark has some cute dad-to-be Father's Day cards. I would like to make the day special for him. 

Anyone else thinking of doing something for Father's Day for your DH or SO?

Re: Are you getting dad-to-be a father's day gift?

  • I will be doing a card and I got him the diaper bag he wanted. I wasn't sure if anyone would get his off the registry so I did it myself. He wanted his own bag. I guess he thought the pink one was a little too girly for him :)
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    I got my hubs a cute card with a dad holding an infant in a front carrier and vaccuming. It says something about being the hottest dad and even though the LO is not here yet I still agree that he is the hottest dad! So I got him that card and a card from our dog to him and I will probably get him some new Rinabows because he needs a new pair!
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  • I think I'm just getting him a nice card and..something else. I don't know what the something else is. I'm thinking of framing one of the bajillion pregnancy tests I took (it really creeps him out that I kept "the pee stick" so it would be kinda funny.
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  • I definitely plan to at least get him a card & a little something else since he did something special for me on Mother's Day. I am going to have to start thinking about it more now that Father's Day is fast approaching.
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  • My SO is weirdly superstitious and thinks he'll jinx something if we celebrate now.  He didn't say or get me anything for Mother's Day and this was his reasoning.  That being said, I will probably get him a "daddy to be" card, because as of right now, that's exactly what he is and I want to do something to recognize that and how great he's been through my pregnancy.
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  • I'm getting DH a card and a GC to Home Depot--he's been wanting to buy some new tools for awhile--he got me a GC for a massage for mother's day so I figure I'll return the gesture :)


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  • My H really wanted a new swim case for his iPod shuffle since his old one is on the fritz.  He not so subtly sent me the link to it via email and said "maybe for father's day?"...basically, he wants it and will buy it for himself if I don't get it for him...and this is a good excuse to do so ;)

    So yeah, I have that for him.  Not exactly baby-related either...ha!  Maybe I'll write something schmoopy in a card about how I hope he passes on his love of swimming and music to our baby, blah blah blah. ;)

    I actually got him a really special something from our pets last year, but this year I'm feeling less inclined to do much extra thinking.  Hopefully I'll feel more up to it next year!

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  • I'll just wait until next year. This time of year we already have enough stuff to celebrate!
  • I will be getting him a Daddy to be card and Daddy Scrubs Big Smile
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  • I'm having a "Dad" themed gift basket delivered to his job (mostly nuts and root beer) on the Friday before.  Then, I have a small album from the boudoir shoot I did when I was 13 weeks along (it was planned & paid for last October, before I was pregnant).  I don't look at all pregnant, and had actually lost several pounds, so I was pretty psyched about how it came out even though I was preggers! lol

    I was also thinking about getting him a Saints diaper bag, but don't want to go too overboard.  He gave me spa pillow for our bathtub for Mother's Day. Hmm

    I just really want to make this one special since he has been so great through the pregnancy and Dads tend to not get recognized as much. Smile

  • Even though we agreed not to do Mother's or Father's day this year, I will probably make him a nice dinner and give him a small gift. Partly because I sort of feel bad that all the focus is on the baby and me, partly because I'm a big mushy pile of love with all these hormones (not accounting for mood swings, of course).
  • For our daughter (our first child) I gave him a daddy-to-be card and a bib announcing the baby's gender, and that was how I told him! For this baby, our first son, it'll be shelving for our new garage to organize his tools - a man-cave sort of thing.
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  • kb2bkkkb2bkk
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    I got my DH (well his ego anyways) "I love my Daddy" type outfits.  One for every size during the first year.  i.e. NB, 0-3 etc... I also bought the Daddy Hugs book, and bought him Daddy's Little Goalie: A Father, His Daughters, and Sports
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  • DH is a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan.  In the nearly 4 years that we've been married, we've always had the cheapest cable package - which doesn't include the sports channels for the baseball games.  I'm upgrading our cable package for DH's Father's Day so that he can watch all the ball games.  It turned out to be a really cheap present (our bill is going up $5 per month).  I'm also getting him a daddy-to-be card.

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  • I have no clue what I am going to get him but I know I need to get him something because he got me a beautiful mothers ring for mother's day. UGH! I was hoping to have one more year to plan for these things... I guess its another excuse to go shopping!

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  • I am considering getting him a box set of Roald Dahl books.  He is a huge fan, and excited about reading to the baby.  I just have to figure out where to find a full set. ^^
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  • I'm thinking about splurging a little and getting him a little point and shoot camera... Nothing expensive, but the only one we have is my clunky advanced digital that is a PITA if you want to catch something on the fly (we've had it for 3 years and are still trying to figure it out! ha!).

    I'd like to have one in the house for when L gets here, so I feel like it would be a good opportunity/excuse to go get one :)

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  • I?m making a card and found a poem online to put in it

     I would go and buy one... but I?d have to ask him for the money because I don?t work so it wouldn?t be a surprise then :-p

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  • zenmazenma
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    I am! I'm getting DH a propane grill. He loves bbq'ing but has never had his own grill so I thought it'd be perfect! Plus Home Depot has a few on sale! Big Smile
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