1st Trimester

when do you plan on telling your employer?

i told my boss last time around 11w and his attitude toward me completely did a 180 (he doesn't like kids).  i don't plan on telling him this time until closer to 20 weeks.  i'll just let him suspect i'm fat.  ;)
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Re: when do you plan on telling your employer?

  • Hahaha. I love it! I was think about 14 wks. We chooses courses at that time (I work at an university) so I don't really have a choice.
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  • I plan on letting everyone know at work after the first trimester is over. If I'm not showing too much at that point, I might wait a little longer, but we'll see!

  • image Laura62809:

    I plan on letting everyone know at work after the first trimester is over. If I'm not showing too much at that point, I might wait a little longer, but we'll see!


    I totally agree! only one co-worker knows and i know my secret is safe with her!

  • Last time around, I told right after we heard the heartbeat and were told everything was ok.  I think it was around 10 weeks.  I had a different boss then.  We have a temporary boss now and I'm not that into her.  She actually doesn't work directly with me so I won't be telling her until she happens to see that I'm pg.  I'm sure she'll find out before that from coworkers but I don't feel that I have to share anything with her.

  • I had to tell my boss at only 5 weeks because my morning sickness was so bad. I didn't want her to think I was coming in hungover lol. Now I'm only 10 weeks and totally showing because of twins so pretty much everyone else at work knows too.
  • I just started a new job so I don't plan on telling until I am around 20 weeks. I want to wait til I am past my first 90 days.
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  • I'm also friends with my boss (we hang out with the same friends, go to the same church, etc) so I had to tell them first before I told my friends.  They would have felt disrespected otherwise.

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  • Last time I had to spill the beans early to my bosses (like 7 weeks), cause I was so sick and didn't want them to think I was being flakey. 

    I just told my supervisor recently this time for a few different reasons.  I won't make anything public to other coworkers until at least after 1st tri (hopefully will wait til I'm showing and can't hide it anymore).

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  • I plan on waiting as long as possible before I tell mine. I don't like him and when I needed to come in late for my docs appt last week he told not to get pregnant because we have a lot of worrk to do.
  • I've been trying to decide and I'm really not sure.  I feel like I should probably tell them soon.  I just started this job in February.  It's a contract to permanent position and when I interviewed I was told that after 3 months I could be hired on as a permanent employee of the company (I'm currently employed by a staffing firm).

    My original plan was to wait until the 3 months was up and tell them after I was hired on.  But the 3 month mark has come and gone without any mention of anything.  Normally I'd just bring it up myself but now I'd like things to stay the way they are because of my insurance.  Between the pregnancy and me breaking my ankle in March I've already met my deductible and I really don't want to have to start all over again with new insurance. 

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  • I told my employer at 5 weeks because I have been under alot of stress at work and really needed him to understand why I have been trying to cut back ours and work like a normal person!  He took it pretty well actually but I know that he is totally freaking out in his head.  He is keeping my secret for atleast a few more weeks though :)
  • Aw, that sucks! I know all of my coworkers (in my department) will be happy for me, especially my boss. She has two children and loves kids. I honestly don't know how I could even wait until my 1st trimester is over, but I'm sure gonna try!

    I have told one coworker, but I know she's safe. Other than that, only three other people know other than DH and myself. It's nice having our sweet little secret. 


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  • I told my boss today... lol... I'm only at 6 and a half weeks, but my first doctor's appointment is on Monday and I wanted to give him a heads up. Last time when I found out I'd missed a miscarriage at my dr appointment, I then had to tell him "I was pregnant but lost it and now I need time off for a d/c and I NEED TO GO HOME."

    Plus, I'm in a really really really small business. There's 5 of us including the boss. 3 are really close friends who knew when I got my BFP. :D

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  • I was in the middle of a review at work for a promotion when I found out I was pregnant. I started getting morning sickness the next week (still before I spilled the beans) but I played it off like a stomach bug. A few days after my promotion was approved, I went to my boss and said "Hey, you remember that stomach bug I had last week...." his reply was "Yeah, it wasn't a stomach bug was it? I had a feeling you were pregnant". So it actually went 10x better than I expected it too lol. Everyone, much to my surprise, was happy for my news. 
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  • I read somewhere that after you tell your husband and mother you're supposed to tell your boss, so I told my boss after our first dr appt which confirmed it.  I think it depends on your relationship with your boss though.  I was lucky- my boss was really supportive and even excited to hear the news.  After, I wondered a little bit if I told my boss too soon (only 5 weeks!).  But two weeks later my mom (without my knowledge) announced on Facebook that I was pregnant, a couple of my coworkers who are Facebook friends of mine saw and spread the word, and then a day or two later most of my coworkers found out- so in hindsight I was glad I told my boss early because I wouldn't have wanted them to find out that way!
  • Because where I work is such a short staffed environment, there are 3 of us, I kinda had to tell her right away so she could get prepared and try to bring someone else on (i learned from watching what happened with other employees in the past).

    I just called her and said "Kim, I have some news. But you can't tell anyone else. I'm pregnant." That was that. I was about 8 weeks at the time. I am 20 weeks (6-8-11) and she STILL has yet to hire someone. Go figure. Oh well, but i just out and out said it. I wish I would have said something later. But, what better way than just saying it flat out. Next time, if there is one, I will wait until about now. I think it's a decent time.


    I'm a newbie... so if I did this post wrong, sorry! I'm still learning. This is only my 2nd post to a thread!



  • i worked with only women and almost all of them had had children. i only told a few of my fav co-workers and about 2 months later my boss called me up and asked me if i was pregnant. i couldnt lie about it and told the truth. fyi- dont call in and tell them u cant come in because of dizziness! they all knew after that. i think i was about 14 weeks pregnant.
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