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Activities for 2mo. old

My LO is 11 weeks old, and I am still struggling to find activities that catch his interest.  He HATES tummy time, so we barely get in a half hour of that each day (but still try to at least get 20 min. every day whether he likes it or not).  He doesn't act interested in anything I put in front of him (or to the side of him).  I am just afraid, that this is going to slow him down.  I have heard of a lot of people using toys to entice babies to begin rolling over, crawling etc... My LO just seems so content laying on his back looking around at everything else.  

I know it is probably not a big deal right now, but I am worried that he will continue to be this way.  Is anybody able to suggest any activities that worked for their LO to learn to roll over or even just enjoy tummy time?



Re: Activities for 2mo. old

  • All my LO wants to do is sit up.  She actually fights to sit up in her bobby or carseat.  So I put her in her bumbo and read to her and sing some songs.  I try the rattle and play mats but she hates tummy time too and will not even look at the rattle.  So for now, we just have fun doing the things she likes, like practice sitting up and using her hands to feel things. 
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  • Have you tried toys with lights? My son will stare at anything that blinks or shines! He wants nothing to do with stuffed animals, musical toys or books yet.  We use the lights for tummy time (there's lights on his playmat and we have a few lightup toys) and we sing lots of songs during the day.  He loves when I make him "dance" doing patty-cake or clapping during songs.  He also loves when I grab his legs like bicycle and make him "run."

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  • My DS is pretty hard to entertain too. Nothing keeps his attention for more than a few minuets. So we spend a lot of time bouncing between activities. He has a couple toys he will hold on to or suck on. He likes to lay on his play mat, sit in his bouncy seat, stare at me and we make faces and coo back at each other, look at himself in a mirror, stare at mobile in crib, i sing songs or read a book to him, and he is just starting to sit in his bumbo.
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  • my dd loves the baby einstein baby mozart dvd. shes really captivated by the sounds and the pictures and puppets 
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