1st Trimester


 realized that your out there, and that mabey I'm not that alone.

If we can just reach out and connect, it helps too know we aren't the only ones in the world experiencing these feelings and behaviors that are believed to be uncommon and irrational. I want to break through those stereotypes of pregnancy, and uncover some of the more grit of what happens to us psychologically. The transition we make from trimesters to full blown motherhood has to be one of the most significantly psychologically extreme journeys we will ever take as individuals. Our identities, bodies, and minds seem to go through a complete renovation. Its unfortunate that so many pregnant women feel that the unpleasant feelings, and negative thoughts should be neglected or denied.Psychology courses, specifically some of the theories Dr. Freud introduces. Dr. Freud often suggests that many of our deep rooted emotions, and

I have my own blog site that explores more about depression during pregnancy, it is also a support site so please join and share with us.


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