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My water broke and I didn't know it - Birth story PIP

Nolan Robert decided to become a May baby and was born on May 30th at 4:59pm.  NOTHING about his birth story was as planned but he is just perfect and we're so in love!!

Sunday evening around 6pm, I went to the bathroom and noticed a very little bit of fluid come out that was light pink.  I mentioned it to MH but just thought it was normal pregnancy discharge since I'd been having a lot.  We kept an eye on it for the rest of the night and it would come and go, but nothing dramatic and never increased in volume.  We thought that maybe it was my fluid leaking but honestly didn't really think that was the case.  Had a few small contractions but nothing out of the ordinary.  So we went to bed.

Monday morning, woke up and felt pretty much the same.  The occasional trickle of light pink fluid but not a whole lot and no timable, regular contractions.  At around 11am, we decided to call the doc and of course she said come in to be checked.  I seriously thought they would check me and send me home.

Got to the hospital at 12:30pm and was checked in L&D ER soon after that and was told that yes, my membranes had in fact ruptured!  MH and I were shocked but excited that this was it!!  Babys' heart rate was reading high on the monitor so they started IV fluids and decided to start some IV antibiotics because my water had been broken for so long and I had a very slight fever.  I was only 1.5cm dilated and 80% effaced but not really contracting so we decided to start inducing with a ripener.  Used the one that dissolved in your mouth rather than the vaginal insertion due to infection risk.  

This is when things started getting really crazy, really fast.  Just as the drug dissolved, the OB on call came in and said she was really concerned about the pattern of his heart rate...he was tachycardic.  It was running really high (170-180) but then decelerating with each contraction, which is a major sign of fetal distress.  The fact that my membranes had been ruptured for so long and that I was only 1.5cm dilated, she knew baby wouldn't handle a prolonged labor so we made the call to go right to a c-section.  I knew a c/s was a possibility because baby had been measuring big for weeks (9 lb 1oz was the estimate) but I thought I would at least get the option to try laboring.  

I guess I still didn't realize how urgent it was to get him out until I asked the nurse when the c/s was going to happen and her reply was "within the next 10 minutes"  WOW....guess this is serious and I started crying.  OB and nurses were great telling me I didn't do anything wrong and that everything was going to be fine.  

So 4.5 hours after walking into the hospital thinking I would be sent back home, Nolan Robert made his appearance at 4:59pm on May 30th.  Turns out he might have knew I would have had a tough time with a vaginal delivery and was sparing me that trauma because he weighed in at 9lb 10oz almost 22in long!!!  All the surgery staff were commenting on how big he was, how big his shoulders were, and how it was probably much better to have done things this way because I might have ended up in the same spot after a long labor or if I was able to vaginally deliver him, I probably would have been in BAD shape after!  

Recovery is going fairly well for me....been walking and took a shower today.  Hoping to go home tomorrow but we'll see how sore I still am.  Nolan and I both needed to be on IV antibiotics until our blood cultures come back but he's doing really well.  Breast feeding like a champ and just perfect!!

So moral of the story is:

1.  Your water can break and you not know it.  It isn't always a dramatic gush!

2.  I know everyone says growth u/s can be very off at this late stage and that baby is probably smaller than predicted....for me, it was just the opposite :)


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