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Lillebaby v. Beco Gemini

I'm shopping for a new carrier and considering these two options, which seem very similar to me, but I'm no babywearing expert so I thought I'd ask this group: thoughts on pros/cons for these two carriers?
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Re: Lillebaby v. Beco Gemini

  • I don't know much about the Lillebaby but I have 2 friends with Beco Geminis and they LOVE them. And this is just an observation, but when I looked at the Lillebaby website, the babies looked like they were leaning out from the adult which would be super uncomfortable. When my friends use their Beco's, their LO's never look to be leaning.
  • I am not familiar with the Lillebaby but I really like my Gemini.  The only thing I don?t like about the Gemini is that it takes two hands to unclasp the clips and this can make it a pain to take her off.  While the clasp issue is a annoying,  the sleek size of the Gemini makes up for this issue.  I love that it is super easy to take on and off.  I can get DD on my back in about a  minute, although the hip carry is my favorite.   When I was looking it was between the Beba and the Gemini so I went to the store and tried them both on to see which one I liked best. 

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