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Childbirth Prep Classes

Does anyone know if there are free childbirth prep classes offered anywhere? The cheapest I'm finding is $50, and we just can't swing that.
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Re: Childbirth Prep Classes

  • It's $60 up here in Ogden at McKay-Dee.  There is a $35 class at Davis North Hospital in Layton, but I've never been to that one.  Good luck.  I personally feel like it was worth it to go.

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  • It looks like you're due REAL soon! Congrats. I host educational classes, workshops, etc each month at my store in Layton called Honey Bump Maternity. We have a "Meet the Doulas Night" this Saturday @ 5:30. Please call me if you're interested in attending. There will be a lot of info available that you shouldn't pass up. It'll be great to talk to them and ask questions. We have a birthing class called "exploring your options" that goes over a lot of different topics but I don't think we will have any before you deliver. I do have a Breastfeeding class as well on the 25th of this month. RSVP on my website if you want to come 801-444-0900

    Again this is at no cost to you and the information is SO valuable. I am hear as well if you would like to pick my brain. I had both babies naturally but in a hospital. I am always willing to help or point in the right direction as best I can. If you are seeking pain medication or different alternatives, there are so many options, the more the knowledge the better for you and baby...I believe every woman should labor and deliver their child in the methods and ways they feel is best for them :) Best of luck!

  • I'm doing mine through my hospital (Saint Marks), I'm sure you can check and see if the hospital where you're registered offers classes. My childbirth prep class was $60 but it's 6 classes so it's only $10 a class. You can also check out Saint Marks, I don't think you have to be registered to attend the classes there.... Good luck!
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