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Baby dropping Question.

The last two days I've woke up with really bad hip and pelvic pains, almost like growing pains. I now walk a bit different like I'm holding something between my thighs and when I step with my right leg I can feel a pressure pain down low. Does this mean the baby dropped already? I don't want to call the doctor cause I'm not in crazy pain or have fluids/blood showing but I'm thinking the baby dropped. Any suggestions?
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Re: Baby dropping Question.

  • it could just be a result of the baby sitting lower and not that the baby has dropped already.
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  • I am a complete newb with all this but from the little reading I've done I don't think they're suppose to drop this early on.
  • I've had really bad pains like that since about 20 weeks. The doc keeps telling me it's just from him sitting really low. At our ultrasound, his head was way down on my pelvis. Now it's getting to the point I can't really walk well, so I'm going to make sure that they know for sure that's the problem. I have an appointment tomorrow. I can't even get out of bed at night without DH's help.
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  • DO call your doctor - you shouldn't feel like the baby's "between your thighs" this early. If you're progressing already, dilation and effacement cannot be reversed, you have to be honest with your OB/midwife and follow their guidance. As for the pressure-pain, that could be sciatic issues, which can be totally normal and helped with chiropractic care (I LOVE my chiro team), but see what your OB/midwife says. Take care of yourself! :-)
  • Thanks for the tips! I've been on the couch all morning and can feel him in my right side towards the back. I'll give the doctor a call later on this afternoon. I just don't want to get sent to the hospital to be told it's all normal.
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