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so nervous/scared about delivery

sheesh! i am starting to get so nervous about delivering this baby almost to the point that im dreading it.... not that im not ready to meet my little guy... because believe me im more than ready for that!!! i am just soo scared about actually giving birth and how im going to feel/ look like after! And my mother doesnt make it any easier with her horror stories.... about how i will most definitely either tear or get an episiotomy. ahg... i am just not convinced that everything can go back to normal! anyone else feeling this way?

Re: so nervous/scared about delivery

  • Oddly no. People ask all the time if Im scared, Im really not. Is it going to be the smoothest, most comfortable experience of my life...of course not! But billions of women have done it perfectly fine, Im positive I can too. And nothing will ever be "normal" again...babies change things, thats just the way it is. All we can do is stay positive, work to get back into decent shape, and love love love that LO! Honestly Im more scared about raising the kid than delivering her ;-) GL dear!

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  • I had a crazy delivery with my son, he ended up being an emergency c-section, but I can tell you honestly that I was so miserable and worried at the end that I just went with the flow of everything. As far as the body, I had a better body after I had my son, I actually had some curves and it was nice. You just need to trust that when the time comes, you'll be fine. Also, if you're worried about tearing or having an episiotomy make sure you tell them ahead of time which you would prefer if it comes to it, I'd rather them cut then let me tear. I also read somewhere that we are made to be completely miserable at the end of our pregnancies so that we are ready to do whatever we have to to get the babies out lol.






  • I think it is totally normal. I was nervous with #1 and I was scared about the catheter and epi, both were the best parts of the whole delivery! I ended up with a c/s and it was fine. The nurses really do anything to make you feel comfortable and safe. You can ask as many questions and they will tell you everything step by step.

    Even though I've had a c/s and am having one again on Thurs I am still nervous about it. Last time I was wheeled in and it was a blur, this time I am going to be more aware of my surroundings. 

    Just know your body was made for this and you'll be fine!




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  • We took the tour of the maternity pavilion yesterday, and I felt this way.  I almost started crying in the labor delivery room.  There are so many scary things when your pregnant, I am just excited to have him so I know he is healthy and ok.  So yes giving birth scares me...to many horror stories out there.  
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  • I am not scared or nervous- but I have spent lots of time preparing myself. I view birth as a normal and natural process in a woman's life. My body will work perfectly with my baby so that I can welcome him or her into this world as best as I possibly can.I am also a big advocate for natural birth- so really having a strong grasp of realizing that any pain that I may feel shouldn't be viewed negatively: as it has a purpose- to bring my baby into this world!

    Just try to remember that fear causes you to enter into a "flight or fight" response, releasing chemicals that actually inhibit the birthing process and can increase the perception of pain. So I would just work on trying to realize that you will do wonderfully- because you are a woman and you are meant to do this!!!

  • Also- I don't listen to other peoples horror stories. Women tend to want to victimize themselves- and all the horror stories related to giving birth is a perfect example.

    As for tearing- practice perineal massage- dont lay on your back to push (unless you get an epi, then you have no choice), and ask your OB/MW to massage your perineum as your baby descends.

    My MIL asked me if I would have an episitomy or an enema and she was shocked to realize they weren't standard practice anymore....she also rushed to the hospital after she lost her mucus plug and was immediately induced....so times have changed for sure lol.

  • I'm not really scared either. Everyone has worries, bad thoughts concerns etc. over it though.

    However, with my first I found rather quickly labor is one of those things that you "just do," get through it and then it's over. Kind of you naturally make yourself do it and it is what it is in the moment.

    Thinking about it is actually way worse than doing it and I had a delivery from hell the first time and still say that.

  • I'm not scared or nervous, but I've also done a lot of research, yoga and talking to other people.  Do I think it will be a walk in the park? No, but I feel like I have a bag of tools to deal with the pain - the support of my DH, yoga, breathing, visualization.  Accepting that there will be some pain.  Accepting that there will be some things that I can't control. 

    I would really suggest reading a book or two like Hypnobirthing or The Bradely Method.  I'm not saying that you have to agree with these ideas as a whole, but you might pick up on a a thing or two that will help ease your pain. 

    I also agree the pernial massage.  You can even start that late in third trimester - have your partner do it. 

    Best of luck to you.

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  • It's hard to ignore the horror stories, but try to. I think every 1st time Mom has the moments of panic about how labor really feels, but you will probably find it's not as bad as you've worried it to be. Once you get your epidural (if you're getting one), you will find it's not bad at all. Just laying there and waiting is the hardest part. Most places give you your epidural very soon after you come in, too. You're going to look and feel like you just had a baby, but you'll be surprised how the endorphins and love you'll feel for your LO will totally take over and you'll care less about how you feel/look. Relax, Mama! It will be just fine! 
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