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Just got home from a family get together, and ohhhh my gosh!! My aunt gave us a huge garbage bag full of baby boy stuff, another one of baby girl stuff, (they have a 3 yo boy, and a boy and girl set of twins that are a year and a half) and another whole bag of toys!  Then we pulled into our driveway where there was 3 of the big sized Rubbermaid containers FULL of maternity clothes from my SIL's sister that just had her baby 2 weeks ago.  Then, my other SIL called to let me know that we can have their crib and high chair and that they are going to bring it by tomorrow. Crib is super nice cherry crib from PB!  All in one night....feeling pretty blessed right now!!!  DH is worried about where to put all this stuff...I just can't wait to go through it all!!   Anyone else getting lots of good hand-me-downs?!?
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Re: Stuff!!!

  • How cool! Thats great "stuff"!!!! Big Smile

    And congrats on your ticker change today!!!! YAY 9 weeks!!

  • That is amazing!!! How nice of them. I have some stuff I have been collecting from people but I haven't asked for anything yet. I figured I would wait until I find out the sex. DH isn't happy about storing things. But congrats!! That is so awesome!

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  • Wow!  That's so fun!  When I was pg with my first the gender and my size never worked out with my friends/family that were having babies.  That's so nice not to have to buy that stuff- especially the maternity clothes!
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  • Wow that's great! I would love to get all that stuff. I've been instructed to NOT buy any bottles! Apparently my aunt had a mix-up with a company and they sent her a whole bunch of bottles to make up for it!

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    No hand me downs yet here, but that's awesome! 
  • That's awesome, but I can totally see how DH would feel overwhelmed-- I sure would!  
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  • Hand me downs are the best! And tell your DH not to worry - once you get everything you will need/want for the baby, he won't even remember where this first batch of stuff went ;)
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  • That's awesome! No hand me downs yet, but my best friend already told me I could use her maternity clothes. She might give us some baby clothes, too, since most of her infant stuff is gender neutral and we're team green so it'll have to be gender neutral too.

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  • That is so awesome! Very happy for you to get all sorts of baby stuff :)

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  • Score!! My older sister has a 9 year old boy and twin 6 year old girls, so we already have tons of free stuff- crib, changing table, swing, walker, etc. She gave us all this before we were even pregnant. I need to ask, but I'm sure she has tons more she's willing to give.
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  • Wow that is a lot of stuff! We haven't told people about this pregnancy yet but I'm sure when we do we'll get some stuff too, but I doubt it will be that much!

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  • That's is awesome!
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  • That is awesome!!!!! Sounds like you got a lot of great stuff to go through!!

    All my stuff is in my moms basement and I can't wait to go through it. I have a lot of summer pregnancy clothes from my DS. I need to find them all!  

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  • That is awesome! We've been promised a cradle that my grandpa made way back in the day. All three of us (my siblings and I) used it when we were little. And a rocking chair from my rents. Then my hubs side is giving us an entire brand new guest room suite because they are turning one of their rooms into a baby room! I told DH, don't they know we only visit like twice a year. He said yeah, they don't care! Free stuff is the best!
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  • I got a brand new bassinet from my sister! She got it for her last baby but they never used it, so woohoo! It has an interchangeable cover on the outside for boy or girl! This weekend we also got a few onesies from my MIL and she hand painted this suuuuper cute bank for change! It has little baby hand prints and footprints on it. She also loaded it up with change which is awesome! haha


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  • Wow, lucky you! All that is great, especially the crib!
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