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If I hear one more person say... (vent)

"My parents did it with me and I turned out fine"


or any other stupid variation, I'm going to throat punch them. Angry DH especially. Just because folks did/didn't do things in the 60's, 70's, whenever, doesn't necessarily mean it's ok now. People thought it was ok to smoke while pregnant back then too, remember? We have more research & knowledge and the access to it.


This comes after a conversation with DH about how I don't want people giving DD sips of beer while not only does he not have a problem with it, he intends on doing it himself. When he was a toddler, he snuck sips from his dad's beer at a party and ended up drunk because he had about a half a can. His family thinks it's the funniest story.DH doesn't see any problem. I can definitely see an argument about this coming.

Re: If I hear one more person say... (vent)

  • This comes after a conversation with DH about how I don't want people giving DD sips of beer while not only does he not have a problem with it, he intends on doing it himself.




    "Just as with anyone else, the child can pass out. Just like anyone else, a child can have vomiting. And also small children can drop their blood sugars. A few hours after drinking alcohol that can lead to seizures and brain damage," Lavonas said.


    Police have not charged the father at this time, but there are several possible charges the father could be facing, including child abuse or child neglect.

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  • Oh wow, I would be so pissed if he was even considering it. My dad will sneak DD iced tea and it makes me so mad but I could not imagine beer. That's sad they don't see anything wrong with it.
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  • WOW! That's scary - I have the same issues with my fiance's family saying - "Well I did it with my kids...." BUT if anyone said they would even consider giving my child alcohol - he would not be allowed around them - makes it hard when it's your husband - that's  crazy. Sorry to hear - hope you're able to convince him otherwise soon...
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  • My dad would give me sips of his beer when I was little... but that was the 80's, crazy crazy times ;)

    In all seriousness though - I would throat punch someone if they tried giving my DD's any type of alcohol, I don't even like it when people do it with my/their dogs. Not funny.




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  • Yikes. Short of counseling, I don't see how you are going to convince his that he's a complete dumbfuck for thinking this is ok.



    "People seem to couple an inordinate amount of stupidity with extreme laziness." ~ A wise interwebz friend.

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  • I fully intend on sitting DH down and making sure he understands that's it's not going to happen (and lord help anyone who tries), regardless of his "opinion".


    My grandparents gave all the grandchildren sips of beers. DH's family was the same. I just don't get it. What is people's fascination with getting LO's to try it? It's not if they like it you can give them more (hopefully). Give them fruit or something instead.

  • Ugh. I have this EXACT same issue with my in laws.

    If I hear "Hes fine!" after I repeat what the pedi advised, etc.. Ill die.

  • That is my most despised phrase when it comes to parenting!!

    My parents let us take sips of beer out of their glasses when we were kids. My sister and I turned out ok (except we really really like beer) but my brother is a raging alcoholic.

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  • I hate when people say that too because hello, this is why there is research over the years that shoes that so and so may have adverse effects. I mean, not because something didn't happen to you, means that it can't happen with to your child. Some situations are rare but it's your child's life you are risking. Why risk it if it can be avoided? My in laws do the same thing, esp with CIO.... I told my FIL that I didn't think his second and third son turned out all right (they have huge issues), and he stopped talking about letting her CIO it out at 10 days old lol
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